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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, South Okanagan Desert Tour and Ogopogo Tours offer guided nature tours in Kelowna.

Yes, the Knox Mountain Park and Myra Canyon Trestles offer scenic hiking trails.

Yes, Paul’s Tomb at Knox Mountain and Mission Creek Greenway are popular trails for beginner hikers.

Knox Mountain Park and Mission Creek Greenway are great options for family-friendly hikes.

Yes, groups like the Central Okanagan Outdoor Club organize regular group hikes.

Yes, but ensure you are prepared with proper lighting and familiarize yourself with the trail during daylight. Knox Mountain is a popular option.

Yes, companies like Okanagan Safari Tours, Wild Mountain Adventure Tours and Okanagan Wild Nature Tours offer guided wildlife tours.

On our Hiking page, you can find many articles detailing guides on the best trails for every hikers needs!

Knox Mountain Park and the Kettle Valley Trestles offer breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake.

Knox Mountain Park and Pincushion Mountain are popular spots for sunrise hikes.

Popular hiking spots include Knox Mountain Park, Mission Creek Greenway, and Myra Canyon.