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A Guide to Kelowna’s Winter Food Festivals

Kelowna's culinary scene comes alive in winter, offering an enchanting blend of local flavours,community events, and warm, welcoming atmospheres. This guide looks into some of the city's most anticipated winter food festivals, each a testament to the region's rich gastronomic culture and love for celebration.

Winter Street Market & Light Up

Mark your calendars for December 2nd and head to Downtown Kelowna for an unforgettable start to the holiday season. The Winter Street Market & Light Up, a joyous outdoor event at Stuart Park, beckons with its artisan and market vendors, engaging family-friendly activities, and enchanting live entertainment. As the air fills with festive tunes and laughter, don't miss the chance to capture a moment with Santa. Warm your hands and heart with a cup of hot chocolate, where your donation generously supports the Central Okanagan Food Bank. As the day concludes, witness the spectacular light up of the giant tree, a dazzling display that heralds the holiday spirit.

Dine Around Kelowna

From January 17th to February 11th, Dine Around Kelowna invites epicureans to a culinary journey like no other. Over 60 restaurants throughout the Okanagan Interior unveil an array of sumptuous three-course menus, with prices ranging from $25 to $65. Each venue offers its unique twist, with some presenting exquisite drink pairings to complement the dining experience. The festival kicks off with the Dine Around Launch Party, setting the stage for a gastronomic adventure that melds local ingredients, creative culinary arts, and the communal joy of dining.

Okanagan Winter Wine Festival

Experience the allure of the Okanagan Valley from January 20th to 28th at the Okanagan Winter Wine Festival. This event is a celebration of the region's renowned wineries and the breathtaking beauty of BC's wine country in winter. Visitors are invited to explore the diverse range of wineries, each offering unique tastings and experiences that encapsulate the valley's distinct terroir and winemaking expertise.

Sip into the Season

On December 10th, the Westside Wine Trail transforms into a festive wonderland for Sip into the Season. This event offers a delightful journey through West Kelowna's most cherished wineries. From noon to 5 PM, participants can indulge in exclusive wine tastings, each paired with seasonal offerings that showcase the region's culinary prowess. The atmosphere is imbued with a sense of celebration, making it an ideal setting for creating holiday memories.


Kelowna's winter food festivals are a showcase of the city's culinary delights, offering locals and visitors alike a chance to indulge in the flavours and festivities that make this region so special. From bustling markets to elegant wine tastings, each event promises a unique and memorable experience. As you explore these festivals, you're not just sampling food and wine; you're immersing yourself in Kelowna's warm community spirit and its celebratory winter charm.