Red Range Rover Sport in tunnel




Red Range Rover Sport in tunnel
Kelowna Winter Folk Festival

Exploring Kelowna's Unique Music Festivals and Concerts

Discovering Kelowna's captivating musical scene is a thrilling adventure for the senses.

Great Canadian Beer Festival

Kelowna's Festivals and Cultural Events

Kelowna is a city that pulsates with energy and life.


Red Range Rover Sport in tunnel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, several companies, like Uncorked Okanagan Wine Tours and Kelowna Wine Tours, offer guided tours of local wineries. For more information on wine tours, visit our Wine Tours section.

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Kelowna offers activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, and much more on Okanagan Lake. For more details, visit our Lake Activities page to see everything Kelowna has to offer.

The Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland offers a scenic train ride through the Okanagan Valley.

Yes, companies like Uncorked Okanagan and Okanagan Wine Country Tours offer guided multi-winery tours.

In Kelowna, visitors have several gym options, including Global Fitness & Racquet Centre, renowned for its extensive facilities; The Woman's Place Fitness, offering a well-equipped facility with fitness programs tailored to women; H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre, which combines aquatic and traditional fitness amenities.

Families can enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational facilities of City Park and Gyro Beach, explore the historic Myra Canyon Trestles on foot or by bike, and engage with local culture at the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market. For adventure, the H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre provides aquatic fun with waterslides and a wave pool, while Kangaroo Creek Farm offers unique interactions with exotic animals. The Energyplex and Okanagan Heritage Museum add educational and energetic diversions, ensuring there's something for every family member to enjoy in Kelowna. See our Family Activities section for more information.

Kelowna has great nightlife, with bars like O'Flannigan's Pub and clubs like Distrikt Nightclub. It is particularly eventful in the summer! For more info, visit our nightlife section.