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A Guide to Night Skiing in Kelowna: Where to Go and What to Expect

The view while night skiing on the chairlift at Big White Ski Resort
Blake Jorgenson

When the sun dips below the horizon and the ski slopes of Kelowna light up, a whole new world of winter sports comes alive. Night skiing in Kelowna isn't just an activity; it's an enchanting experience, offering a unique blend of thrill and tranquility under the starry Canadian skies. Here are some of the top spots near Kelowna for night skiing, each offering its own distinct flavor of nocturnal adventure on the slopes.

Big White Ski Resort

Just an hour's drive from Kelowna, Big White Ski Resort stands out for night skiers. Boasting the title of the largest night skiing area in Western Canada, Big White transforms into a winter wonderland as the night falls. The resort’s sprawling 2,765 acres of terrain include meticulously groomed trails and off-piste adventures, illuminated by the glow of ski lights.

The magic of night skiing at Big White is further enhanced by the snow ghosts – a whimsical sight of snow-clad trees that seem to stand guard over the skiers and snowboarders carving their paths below. Family-friendly to its core, Big White offers a range of activities beyond skiing, including horse-drawn sleigh rides and a ski-in/ski-out village bustling with dining and entertainment options. The resort's village is a cozy retreat, where the warm glow of lights and the aroma of hearty meals beckon skiers after a thrilling night on the slopes.

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star, around an hour and ten minutes drive north from Kelowna, paints a picture-perfect scene for night skiers. Its reputation as a family-oriented destination is well-earned, with a colourful village that looks like it's straight out of a storybook. The resort offers night skiing on The Gondola, Silver Queen Chair, and the Magic Carpet, catering to various skill levels.

By night, the resort's slopes, known for their champagne powder, take on a serene quality, with the lights from the village casting a soft glow over the snow. The front side of the mountain is more mellow, featuring greens and blues, while the back side offers steep runs and fast glades for the more adventurous. The village itself is a hub of activity, with unique winter experiences like tubing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and mini snowmobiles for the kids, making it an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy the snow beyond skiing.

Apex Mountain Resort

Located southwest of Penticton, a bit further from Kelowna, Apex Mountain Resort is great for night skiing enthusiasts. Known for its diverse terrain that caters to all skill levels, Apex comes alive in the evenings, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when night skiing is in full swing. The resort's trails are a mix of machine-groomed runs and natural forest terrain, offering something for everyone under the starlit sky.

Apex isn't just about skiing; it's about the experience. After an exhilarating evening on the slopes, visitors can enjoy the resort's other winter attractions, such as the kids' tubing park or the enchanting ice skating loop that weaves through snow-covered trees. Budget-friendly and less crowded than some of its counterparts, Apex offers a more intimate night skiing experience, complete with a cozy après-ski scene at local establishments like the Gunbarrel Saloon.

What to Expect When Night Skiing

Night skiing in the Okanaghan is a unique experience that every winter sports enthusiast should try at least once. The slopes are quieter, the lines for lifts shorter, and the experience of skiing under the stars is simply incomparable. However, it's essential to be prepared for colder temperatures and to prioritize safety, as visibility is different than during the day.

The ambiance of night skiing is something out of a fairytale, with trails illuminated by lights and the quiet hush of the snow under the skis. It's a peaceful, almost surreal experience that contrasts with the bustling energy of daytime skiing. Whether you're gliding down the gentle slopes of Silver Star or carving through the powder at Big White, night skiing in Kelowna offers a magical escape into the winter night.


Kelowna's night skiing scene offers a unique blend of adventure and enchantment. From the extensive terrains of Big White and the family-friendly charm of Silver Star to the intimate slopes of Apex Mountain, each resort presents a different aspect of night skiing. So, bundle up, strap on your skis, and prepare to glide through the silent, snow-covered landscapes under the starry Canadian sky for an unforgettable winter experience.