A Taste of Kelowna: Top Must-Try Ciders

Five bottles of wine sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other on top of a tree stump.
Soma Craft Cidery

Amidst the sun-drenched landscapes of Kelowna, a new epicurean trend is rising to acclaim – the craft cider movement. While the region's wines have long held the spotlight, its ciders are now drawing enthusiasts to explore a different, but equally sophisticated, facet of Okanagan's bounty.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. has cemented its status as a purveyor of premium ciders. Their Broken Ladder series encompasses a range of flavours - from the classic apple to the innovative plum basil and apple cinnamon. Each sip reveals the orchard's roots, characterized by crisp, clean notes that dance on the palate. These ciders are perfect when paired with a light summer salad or grilled chicken, enhancing the meal with their fruit-forward vibrancy.

Upside Cider

Upside Cider is a pillar of organic and sustainable cider production. Their offerings like the Late Harvest Apple Dry, Peach Bourbon, and Applecot stand out for their complex flavour profiles. The Plum Rosé, particularly, is a culinary adventure in itself. Upside's ciders, with their rich, nuanced tastes, are a match made in heaven for spicy cuisines or a board of creamy cheeses.

Scenic Road Cider Co.

The family-owned Scenic Road Cider Co. invites visitors into the world of traditional cider-making. Their small-batch ciders, crafted from local apples and fruits, are a celebration of heritage and flavour. The cidery's relaxed atmosphere, with stunning orchard and mountain views, is the perfect backdrop to enjoy these rich, varied ciders. They are best experienced alongside a charcuterie board, complementing the cider's depth with the savoury notes of artisanal meats and breads.

Wards Cider

Wards Cider offers a taste of history through its ciders. Rooted in traditional family recipes, their ciders like Picker’s Hut Premium and Ginger Apple, and unique Mimosa and Negroni Ciders, strike a delicate balance between dryness and sweetness. The historic packinghouse setting adds to the charm, making these ciders ideal for a laid-back afternoon, perhaps accompanied by light snacks or fresh seafood.

Soma Craft Cidery

Soma Craft Cidery, set amidst the serene hills and forests of Southeast Kelowna, is an ode to simplicity and craftsmanship. Their Apple and Oak Aged Apple Cider, made from 100% fresh-pressed apples, epitomizes natural, unadulterated cider. The simplicity of Soma's offerings allows the pure apple flavours to shine, making these ciders perfect partners for robust dishes like hearty meats and stews.

Additional Cideries

Kelowna’s cider landscape is dotted with other notable establishments, each bringing its unique flair to the craft. These additional cideries continue the tradition of excellence, offering a range of flavours and experiences for both the cider aficionado and the curious novice. From seasonal specialties to experimental blends, these spots form an integral part of Kelowna's cider tapestry.

Cider Tasting Tips

To fully appreciate the diversity of Kelowna's ciders, a few tasting tips can enhance the experience. Start with the lighter ciders before moving to the richer, more robust varieties. Pay attention to the aroma, colour, and effervescence, as they are all part of the cider's character. For those planning a cidery tour, consider the season, as many cideries offer limited-edition ciders that reflect the fruits of the time.


Kelowna's cider scene, with its array of flavours and styles, offers a delicious journey through the city's craft culture. Each cidery mentioned in this list shows the region's dedication to quality and innovation. As the sun sets over the Okanagan Valley, a glass of Kelowna cider in hand is both a drink, and a celebration of the land and its fruits.