A Taste of the Orchard: The Unique Ciders of BC Tree Fruits Co.

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BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.

The Orchard's Nectar: Discovering BC Tree Fruits Cider Co

When you first turn off the well-beaten pavement and into the sprawling acres of BC Tree Fruits Cider Co., you immediately sense something special. It's the whisper of a breeze through perfectly lined rows of fruit trees, the intoxicating scent of fresh apples on a crisp fall morning, the mystifying beauty of the Okanagan Valley–beautiful Kelowna's best-kept secret.

Experience True Craftmanship

Here, your senses guide you towards an experience marked by authenticity and craftmanship. Rich in tradition yet innovative in their approach, this unique winery has cultivated a reputation for producing ciders that no others can replicate. Their process pays homage to the heritage and respect of those who originally planted these trees, and it’s not just the sentimental value they carry; it's exquisite craftsmanship at its finest.

A Slice of Orchard in Each Sip

Unlike many commercial cider producers, BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. exclusively uses local apples - hand-picked from their very own orchard. The precious fruit then goes through a meticulous process of being pressed, fermented, and bottled, birthing beautifully crafted ciders that truly encompass a taste of the orchard in each sip.

The Flavours of the Valley

And then there are the flavours - each cider telling a story of the unique characteristics of the Okanagan Valley. From the crisp, dry taste of the signature Apple cider, which highlights the orchards, to the distinct apple and cherry Rosé ciders, each of their beverages offers an intimate connection with the land.

Do not miss their specialty blends such as the Apple & Hops, a bold, daring blend that taps into a surprising, yet delightful, harmony. It is no wonder why their ciders have amassed a following, making them a staple in the cider scene here in Canada and beyond.


Not to be underplayed, BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. has a strong commitment to sustainability, with focus on reducing their environmental footprint as they continue to grow and flourish. From energy-efficient practices to sustainable packaging, their strides towards earth-friendly operations are commendable and deserving of our support.

Embark on the Cider Journey

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. offers a sensory journey quite unlike any other. So, step off the concrete, step onto the soil, and get ready to sample an array of exquisite ciders in a setting as refreshing as the drink itself.

Subtle, yes, but don't just take our word for it. Pay a visit to Kelowna and experience the unique ciders of BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. Let the orchard guide your senses; your taste buds will thank you.