A Track to Deliciousness: Railside Brewing's Craft Beer Journey

a group of bikes parked outside of a building next to a wooden table with umbrellas on top of it
Railside Brewing

A Scenic Start

On your next adventure out to Kelowna, BC, you'll find a standout among the region's renowned vineyards: Railside Brewing, a destination that offers not only fantastic craft beers but also an unforgettable experience. Established against a rustic rail backdrop, employing local ingredients, and delivering charming hospitality, this family-owned brewery has a story that's just as refreshing as their beer.

Riding the Rails to Flavour

Railside Brewing is situated strategically beside former railway tracks, a nod to the area's history—a story of connecting cultures, creating community, and unfortunately, forgotten overtime. The brewery weaves this old-time charm into every sip, providing an intoxicating blend of unique flavours and history.

They've beautifully captured the local flavours and a pinch of adventurous spirit in their assortment of craft beers. Their organic lagers, rich porters, hop-infused IPA's, and fruity brews tantalize your palettes, every mug encapsulating a journey - a journey that's historical, yet innovative; traditional, yet intriguing.

More than Just a Brewery

Railside Brewing is not just about brewing outstanding, character-infused beers. It's also about building relationships, bolstering community spirit, and celebrating life. The brewery is a hive of community activities, largely due to its warm, inclusive, and friendly environment.

They regularly host events filled with music, cuisine, and laughter, acting as a space for the community to come together and share their lives over a delicious pint. It's here where memories are made, friendships are formed, and stories are etched into the historic rail-side setting.

A Sustainable Commitment

Equally important to Railside Brewing's mission is their commitment to sustainability. The winery endeavours to minimize their environmental footprint by using locally-sourced, organic ingredients in their brews. They believe in giving back to the land that has given them so much, which only adds more soul to their beverages.

Come Aboard On This Craft Beer Journey

Why wouldn't you want to explore a place that offers excellent beer, a thriving community, and a healthy dose of local history? The beers on tap at Railside Brewing are flavourful, innovative, boldly brewed and beautifully balanced. Each one shows the brewery’s love for the craft and the community.

Let Railside Brewing be your next destination. Take a sip, bask in the shared laughter, and let the echo of the distant trains remind you of the stories of the past. Railside Brewing isn't just about pour, drink, and repeat, it's about a journey - a track to deliciousness - the Railside way.