An Apple a Day: Exploring Forbidden Spirits' Apple-Based Libations

a person pouring a drink into a glass with a straw in front of a bar with a bar sign on the back of it.
Forbidden Spirits Distilling Corp.

Discover the Secrets of Spirits: Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.

With hints of crisp autumn days and sun-soaked summer afternoons, the apple-based spirits of Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. in Kelowna are sending ripples through the industry. But the unique flavour profile of their products isn't the only thing capturing attention. The orchard to bottle process, the sustainable approach, and a centuries-old recipe have created a fervour amongst those who know good spirits.

Orchard-to-Bottle Innovation

The intricacy of Forbidden Spirits' story begins in their orchard, with trees brimming with crisp, tart apples. It's from these verdant rows that the backbone of each of Forbidden Spirits' offerings begins. From their punchy Rebel apple vodka which is distilled 25 times, to the potent Adam's Apple brandy, each creation takes its journey in this breathtaking location.

The process is an intricate, nuanced dance that blends innovation with tried-and-true techniques, leading to beverages that are both aesthetically pleasing and renowned for their exceptional character.

A Sustainable Approach

Forbidden Spirits Distillery Co. has not only made strides with their uniquely apple-based spirits but has also committed to sustainability. Their pioneering zero-waste distilling process showcases their focused commitment to preserving the environment. Every apple pressed contributes to the concoction of their succulent spirits. The leftover pulp isn't discarded but composted, returning to the orchard as nutritious soil supplement.

Inspired by Tradition

It all comes together through an age-old technique inherited from the 1700s. This process, steeped in tradition and perfected with time, distills the spirit drop by precious drop, conserving the fundamental apple taste. This the nature of Forbidden Spirits' beverages - pure, intimate, and undeniably apple.

Everyday Elegance or Special Moments

Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. does not compromise when it comes to quality, delivering creations that can elevate the everyday or grace the most special moments. Their beverage gems are increasingly finding their way onto fine dining menus and in luxury retail spaces. Spirit lovers enthuse over Forbidden Spirits' beverages, appreciating the surprising flavour complexity hidden within each apple-based creation.

The Forbidden Wonders Await

Visit Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. in Kelowna, immerse yourself in their vibrant, heavenly-scented apple orchards, and let their apple-based beverages whisk you away. From the moment the liquid touches your lips to the warm, lingering aftertaste, you'll comprehend why an apple a day isn't just good for health - it's also the spirit connoisseur's secret to divine satisfaction. Discover the extraordinary. Discover Forbidden Spirits.