Arrowleaf Cellars: Crafting Award-Winning Wines with Family Spirit

Arrowleaf Cellars

Venture north of the stress and noise, where the temperate climate of Okanagan Valley cradles Arrowleaf Cellars, a winery with both heart and heritage. The Zuppigers, a warm and close-knit family originally hailing from Switzerland, have laid the foundation of this winery in 2001. Their synergistic approach to winemaking offers not just a great bottle of wine, but also a glimpse into a well-preserved, multi-generational Swiss tradition.

A Tale of Euro-Canadian Fusion

Arrowleaf Cellars finds a perfect balance between European traditions and the distinct touches of Canadian terroir. Using high quality and handpicked fruit, they have become a true companion to Canadian wine lovers who appreciate the sophistication that mirrors Old World influencer, but with a heart that hums the Canadian chords.

Exceptional Wines from An Extraordinary Terroir

Arrowleaf Cellars has a faithful relationship with nature. Their vineyards lay on the gentle slopes of the Okanagan Lake, benefiting from the optimal sun exposure and temperature moderation due to the lake's influence allowing the unique expression of each grape variety. They celebrate both red and white varietals including Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, and Merlot, among others.

The Battle of the Artisans: Quality Meets Innovation

An artisan approach, attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of quality differentiate Arrowleaf Cellars from the competition. Their small-batch processing, minimal intervention winemaking philosophy, and a commitment to sustainable farming practices have created a portfolio of important wins including the Lieutenant Governor's Wine Awards and the National Wine Awards of Canada.

Even More Reasons to Sip & Visit

Beautifully designed tasting room and picnic area with panoramic lake views? Indeed, an added consideration to visit Arrowleaf Cellars and create your own unique experience. The on-site Kitchen offers a seasonally inspired menu – the perfect pairing with Arrowleaf wines – that showcases fresh, local ingredients in a sustainable manner.

The Zuppiger Charm

Deep-rooted authenticity is at the core of Arrowleaf Cellars with the Zuppiger family's commitment to their craft. The depth and breadth of their winemaking skills and their passion for bringing people together through wine have manifested in every award-winning bottle. Their devotion transcends beyond business- in every swirl, whiff, and sip of Arrowleaf Cellars' wine, you can feel the passion the Zuppiger family has for wine and their community in Kelowna. The family's Swiss ethos that combines respect for nature with the desire to create has made Arrowleaf Cellars an irresistible draw.

Arrowleaf Cellars, thus, is much more than just a winery – it's an inviting blend of award-winning wines, panoramic vistas, heartfelt Swiss traditions, and a family's dream. A trip to Arrowleaf Cellars is never just a tasting; it's an experience - a journey through family traditions, stunning landscapes, and of course, remarkable wines. So, are you ready for the adventure?