Behind the Scenes at BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.: The Art of Cider Making

three glasses of alcohol are sitting on a wooden tray on a wooden table in front of a television screen.
BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.

In the lush orchards of the Okanagan Valley, BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. thrives as an attestation of mastery in cider production. This cidery grants us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glance revealing the intricate art of cider making.

The cider journey begins in the fertile ground of BC orchards, where growers harvest a wide selection of apple varieties. Selection is not random; BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. insists on using 100% locally grown apples, which speaks to their commitment to the community and quality. Their crafted cider celebrates the region's rich apple-growing history.

Ground to Glass Philosophy

The cidery staunchly adheres to a 'ground to glass' philosophy – promising traceability of each apple from the tree all the way to your glass. This philosophy ensures that every sip of the cider tastes just as it should with no synthetic flavour enhancers or colours involved.

The Secret of Fermentation

Fermentation is the magical process that turns sweet apple juice into distinctive cider. BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. employs a careful blend of tradition and technology in their fermentation process, using custom yeast strains to unlock the best flavours and sweetness from each apple variety. It's all about balance here, creating a cider that has the right blend of acid, sweetness, and alcohol.

The Art of Blending

Once fermentation ends, the art of blending begins. With a meticulous approach, BC Tree Fruits cellar masters create exquisite blends that play on the unique characteristics of each apple type. This stage of production is deemed as much an art as it is a science - the process that defines the cider's profile.

The Final Charm: Packaging

The entire design guarantees that you simply cannot resist their ciders or confuse them with any other. BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.'s packaging is a standout, featuring stylized versions of the apples used inside. This final touch mirrors their commitment to quality, community and exceptional taste.

Visiting BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. provides a unique perspective into the cider-making journey from tree to glass. Their devotion to craft, their environment, and their consumers is etched into each bottle of cider produced. A journey that began in an orchard ends in a glass of finely balanced cider that brings together nature, art, and tradition. So why resist this authentic, natural cider, crafted with care in the beautiful Okanagan Valley? Indulge in the art of BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.'s cider making. Savour the flavour of the Okanagan.