Best Indoor Activities in Kelowna for Rainy Days

People wearing helmets and harnesses preparing for an indoor zip-lining activity at EnergyPlex Entertainment Centre in Kelowna.
EnergyPlex Entertainment Centre


Among breathtaking mountains and sparkling lake views, lies the city of Kelowna. Known for its year-round mild climate, visitors and residents can enjoy many outdoor activities, particularly during sunshine-filled days. However, what do you do when the weather decides not to cooperate? Thankfully, there's an impressive array of indoor activities perfect for those rainy days. Today, we will be exploring some of the best indoor activities in Kelowna you can indulge in when the clouds roll in.

The H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre

This isn't your everyday indoor pool. The H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre is one of the best places to escape the gloom and bathe in warmth and fun. It holds Canada’s largest indoor water park featuring a wave pool, a thrilling selection of waterslides, a river run, and even designated areas for young children. If splashing around isn’t your cup of tea, you might enjoy the facility’s fitness centre, open for workouts, yoga class attendance, or personal training.

Indoor Recreation at Energyplex

Energyplex is a premier indoor family recreation centre that provides fun activities no matter your age. It houses playing courts, rock-climbing walls, a foam pit, and many more adrenaline-pumping activities. Whether you're with kids or just a group of friends, Energyplex provides a playground for everyone to run, jump, and have an energetic few hours indoors.

Kelowna Art Gallery

Art holds a unique power to chase away the rainy day blues. At the Kelowna Art Gallery, you can take in more than 800 unique pieces, primarily focusing on contemporary art, from local artists as well as those from around the world. The gallery not only showcases art but promotes it with art classes, workshops, and artist talks available to the public, perfect for encouraging those creative juices to flow on a grey day.

Wine Tasting Tours

Kelowna is celebrated globally for its exceptional wineries. Despite the weather, wine tasting tours are very much on the menu. Few things can compare to the experience of sipping on sumptuous wines while gazing out at the rain-kissed vineyards. Many wineries, like Mission Hill and Summerhill Pyramid, offer indoor tours and tastings. You might also want to try out the region's numerous tastefully crafted ciders, beers and spirits, lending great variety to your rainy day exploits.

Exit Kelowna Escape Games

What better way of forgetting the bad weather than getting utterly absorbed in a fascinating escape room challenge? Exit Kelowna provides such a chance with their immersive escape games, inspired by video game concepts. From mystery and adventure themes to horror and fantasy, you can make your pick and try tricky puzzles and mind-boggling enigmas. This activity is perfect for team-building or simply a fun time with friends or family.

Indoor climbing gym

Outdoor climbing might pose challenges in wet weather, but that doesn't mean the climbers have to be idle. There are excellent indoor climbing facilities, where beginners and adept climbers alike can brush up on their skills. Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym is such a place, offering a variety of climbs, from bouldering and lead climbing to top-rope routes. With experienced staff on hand to ensure safety and offer guidance, you can comfortably challenge yourself no matter the weather.

The Ethereal World of Opera at Opera Kelowna

Lastly, we can't discuss indoor activities without mentioning the enchanting experience of attending an opera performance. The Opera Kelowna puts on world-class performances that aren't just limited to locals, but attract visitors from all over. The charm of listening to the sweet strains of music while narrating a story can make any rainy day feel like a royal experience. The company dedicates itself to fostering local talent and bringing renowned classics to the Okanagan region.


Kelowna's charm isn't just in its sunny lakeside beaches or its stunning nature trails. The city proves to be just as delightful when the rain comes calling, serving up a rich selection of indoor activities. From the rousing excitement of water parks and escape games to the serene enjoyment of art galleries, operas and wine tours, Kelowna ensures a rainy day doesn't dampen your spirits.