Best Vegan and Vegetarian Spots in Kelowna

A colorful vegan bowl featuring fresh greens, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and a small cup of tomato sauce from The Naked Cafe in Kelowna.
The Naked Cafe


As society continues to become more consciously aware of what we put into our bodies, combined with a deeper respect for our environment, the demand for vegetarian and vegan options is rising. Kelowna is a city that has certainly embraced this trend, offering numerous eateries catering to these dietary preferences. With an array of fresh local produce at their disposal, the restaurants here have been creative in crafting flavourful vegetarian and vegan dishes.

1. Frankie We Salute You!

Frankie We Salute You! is a must-visit for those looking for a plant-based menu in Kelowna. Opened by Brian and Christina Skinner, who have years of experience in Vancouver's vegetarian dining scene, this restaurant is a tribute to their grandfathers, seasoned gardeners who loved growing their food. They bring forth the same love to their unique and creative vegan and vegetarian dishes that include chickpea panisse with romesco, smoked salt, black garlic, and almond. Dishes change seasonally and are made with fresh produce sourced from local farmers.

2. Naked Cafe

For a relaxed, casual atmosphere, the Naked Cafe is a cherished gem. Tucked in the city, here one can enjoy burritos, tacos, Buddha bowls and wraps, all vegan, gluten-free, and made with whole food ingredients that are wholesome and nourishing. You won't miss superfoods like avocados and sweet potatoes in their recipes, while their beverages like the 'Turmeric Latte' or 'Almond Milk Chai' add to your plant-based dining delight.

3. BeTEASed

When craving an Asian fusion vegan menu, BeTEASed is the destination. Located in the Kelowna Public Market, it incites you to ‘let your food be your medicine.’ Dishes like the vegan pho or the signature 'beyond' burger are made from scratch, using nutritious, plant-based ingredients. BeTEASed also boasts a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, which will certainly complement your food.

4. The Broken Anchor at Codfather’s Seafood Market

The Broken Anchor is a rare treat for seafood-loving vegetarians. Strategically located inside Codfather’s Seafood Market, the cafe's offerings are as fresh as can be. On their menu, you’ll find fish tacos, fish and chips, and seafood chowder that are cooked to perfection. They also cater splendidly to vegetarian appetites with dishes such as falafel wraps and a broad selection of salads and sides.


Kelowna's commitment to cater to the needs of conscious eaters and align with global food revolutions is admirable. Its diverse and creative vegan and vegetarian cuisine has evolved to offer something for everyone. The city knows how to keep locals and visitors alike healthy, happy, and satisfied. Head to Kelowna for an exemplary range of plant-based delights, coupled with inspiring stories of sustainability and community enhancement. Rest assured, your taste buds will thank you!