BNA Brewing Co.: Your Local Hub for Great Beer and Food

A person filling a glass at a beer tap station inside BNA Brewing in Kelowna.
BNA Brewing

A Toast to Quality: BNA Brewing Co.'s Stellar Concoctions

BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery is the place to be. Housed in a former tobacco factory, the joint exudes an edgy yet welcoming vibe, much like the beers that roll out from their barrels. The hearty heritage of the edifice reflects in the rich taste that every brew delivers.

A Brewery with a Story

Before it transformed into the beloved brewery it is today, the venue served as the headquarters for the British North American Tobacco Company, thus the name BNA Brewing Co. This namesake isn't just a nod to the building's history but also upholds the spirit of merging tradition with innovation, as apparent in every pint poured.

A Whole New World of Craft Beers

Brewing is one part science and one part craft at BNA Brewing Co. Every glass resonates with the dedication and precision poured into creating a symphony of flavours. Ranging from their pale ales to hearty stouts, the variety caters to both conventional beer drinkers and exploratory tastebuds alike.

Always up for a challenge, they regularly rotate their draught offering, introducing new seasonal brews that push the boundaries of regular beer. They've concocted unique blends like the Earl, a Grey Pale Ale brimming with bergamot undertones, as well as Purple Rain, a blackberry kettle sour that’s just the right amount of tart.

Paring the Pint: An Elevated Dining Experience

BNA Brewing Co. doesn’t stop at beers. It’s also for food lovers, boasting a mouthwatering menu designed to pair perfectly with your pint. The eatery section of the establishment curates dishes inspired by different cuisines but rendered with a local twist.

From classic pub-food like juicy burgers to sophisticated choices like their charcuterie board or seared duck breast, the menu emphasizes locally sourced ingredients. It's comforting and innovative food with exceptional beer - what more could one ask for?

Success Cricket - A Unique Touch

The fun doesn't cease at the final swig at BNA. It extends over to the indoor bowling alley and adds to the brewery's list of accolades. Success Cricket, the first of its kind in Kelowna, is an intriguing pastime for many. With a friendly competition heating the bowling lanes, the memories created here are as memorable as the brews.

Community Involvement

BNA doesn’t just pour beer; they pour affection into the community as well. It’s a hub for local events, hosting various affairs such as Paws-itively Brew-tiful Pet Adoption event or weekly trivia evenings. It also supports local artists by giving them a platform to showcase their talent—bringing together diverse pockets of the community under one roof.


BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery is more than just a brewery—it's a community hub, an eatery, a celebration of craft, and most importantly, a place for those who enjoy great beer and great company. So, if you are a native or even a traveller, your trip to Kelowna wouldn't simply be complete without stopping by at BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery.