Brandy and Beyond: Exploring Fruit Spirits in Kelowna

Urban Distillery + Winery


Kelowna has quietly mastered the art of transforming its abundant fruits into exquisite spirits. This is a tale of distilleries where apples, peaches, and berries metamorphose into bottles of brandy and beyond. It’s a story of tradition, innovation, and the celebration of local produce, distilled into every sip.

The Heritage of Fruit Spirits in Kelowna

In the late 19th century, as Kelowna's fruit cultivation flourished, farmers faced a dilemma with surplus produce. Initially, excess fruits were fed to animals. However, this challenge sparked an innovative solution - transforming these fruits into spirits. This marked the inception of a local distilling tradition, deeply rooted in Kelowna's agricultural heritage. Over time, these practices evolved, laying the groundwork for today's thriving fruit spirit industry.

Okanagan Spirits

A Trailblazer in Fruit SpiritsOkanagan Spirits, established in 2004, is a cornerstone in Kelowna's spirit landscape. This pioneering distillery prides itself on using 100% local fruits and grains, creating an array of award-winning spirits that resonate with the region. Their portfolio includes distinctive apple-based vodka and a variety of fruit brandies, each narrating the rich story of Kelowna's terroir. The distillery's farm-to-flask approach not only guarantees quality but also keeps the local heritage alive in every spirit they produce.

Urban Distilleries and Winery

Urban Distilleries and Winery stands out for its diverse range of spirits. They are renowned for crafting fruit brandies that embody the nature of local orchards. The commitment to natural ingredients and traditional methods results in spirits that are authentic to the region's flavour and character.

Forbidden Spirits

Innovating with ApplesForbidden Spirits has carved a niche with its apple-based spirits, turning this everyday fruit into an extraordinary experience. Their apple-based brandy is a crisp, clean sip that exemplifies versatility of Kelowna's apples, offering a unique taste that is as refreshing as it is innovative.

Kelowna's distilleries are more than just producers of spirits; they are custodians of local heritage, innovators, and storytellers. Each bottle of brandy, vodka, or liqueur is not just a beverage but a narrative of Kelowna's fruitful abundance and the creativity it inspires.