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Brewpubs in Kelowna: Where Beer Meets Culinary Delight

A man standing in front of a bar filled with different types of beers and a tray of beer glasses at Kettle River Brewing in Kelowna.
Kettle River Brewing

A unique fusion of craft beer and culinary expertise is brewing in Kelowna. This city, known for its stunning landscapes and culture, also boasts an impressive array of brewpubs. Each offers an enchanting blend of locally crafted beers and delectable food menus, creating a place for both beer aficionados and food lovers. Let’s embark on a journey through Kelowna's finest brewpubs, where the art of brewing and culinary creativity come together in perfect harmony.

BNA Brewing

Located in downtown Kelowna, BNA Brewing stands as a multi-level spot for beer enthusiasts. The ambiance combines a cool, modern vibe with the warmth of a dog-friendly patio, making it a local favourite. BNA Brewing's 10 house-made beers, including the current taps, Seaside Cerveza and Purple Rain Hazy, represent the pinnacle of craft beer artistry. Complementing these are a large food menu and an indoor food truck named Boxcar, offering an eclectic mix of bites that perfectly pair with their fresh brews. BNA Brewing is not just a place to enjoy a pint; it’s an experience, a blend of history, hospitality, and culinary delight.

Rustic Reel

Rustic Reel captures the essence of the Okanagan lifestyle in its brews. Founded and run by Susi Foerg, this brewery is like a breath of fresh air in Kelowna's beer scene. Offering current beers like Blueberry Vanilla Blonde Ale and Mexican Lager, Rustic Reel caters to diverse palates. The brewpub sets itself apart with elevated campfire-inspired food served on cast iron and floral plates, accompanied by an on-site bakery. This spot is a perfect gathering place for friends, promising a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

Kettle River Brewing & Provisions Kitchen

In Kelowna's burgeoning north-end brewery district is Kettle River Brewing & Provisions Kitchen. This microbrewery is renowned for its small-batch craft beers and seasonal eats. The Loose Canoe IPA stands out amongst their offerings. Their eclectic tasting room and dog-friendly patio create a cozy environment for enjoying these unique brews. The kitchen offers top-notch food that harmonizes with Kettle River's beers. If you're seeking the best beer and food combo in Kelowna, Kettle River Brewing is a must-visit.

Kelowna Beer Institute

The Kelowna Beer Institute, situated in the Cultural District, is renowned for its tank-to-tap method. This unique brewing process produces small-batch, unfiltered beers, such as the popular Juicy IPA, served directly from their tanks. Their menu is a beer lover’s delight, featuring pizzas and sandwiches made with grains from the brewing process. This brewpub's rooftop patio offers a stunning setting to enjoy their offerings while being immersed in the ambiance of downtown Kelowna.

Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

At Vice & Virtue Brewing Co., creativity meets community. This brewpub is known for its innovative beers, such as the Czech Dark Coffee Lager and Love Potion Raspberry Berliner Vice, which incorporate local businesses. The smoked beef brisket sandwich is a standout on their menu, which is highly regarded for its brunch offerings. Vice & Virtue has become a popular destination in Kelowna for its artistic labels and commitment to quality in both beer and food.

Copper Brewing

Copper Brewing, a relatively new addition to Kelowna's beer scene, has quickly garnered a loyal following. Known for beers like Blackcurrant Sour and Copper Lager, this brewery offers a relaxed atmosphere in “Darla’s Living Room” taproom. Copper Brewing recently took over the property next door, formerly known as MontREAL food, in order to expand their location and incorporate a kitchen to share their inventive food creations with us. The MTL sandwiches and beer-infused cocktails, curated by Born to Shake, make Copper Brewing an ideal spot for an evening out.

Red Bird Brewing

Red Bird Brewing is deeply rooted in Kelowna’s history and is renowned for its frequently updated small-batch brews. The Lady of the Lake Lager is a local favourite. This brewery offers a delicious assortment of inventive pizzas such as Dill-icious Pickle and the Alabama Slamma, making this spot a must try on your food and beer list.

Barn Owl Brewing

Set in a 1921 heritage barn in the Lower Mission community, Barn Owl Brewing offers a unique rustic experience. Their comfortable setting is perfect for enjoying beers like the Wise Owl Nitro Stout and Don’t Give a Hoot Pale Ale. Complementing their beer selection, Barn Owl features rotating food trucks and live bands, creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Their commitment to environmental sustainability adds another layer of appeal to this unique brewpub.

Jackknife Brewing

Jackknife Brewing, a brain child of Kettle River, is set to revolutionize Kelowna’s brewpub scene. Anticipation is high for their unique beer offerings, including the Hair Straight Back Spruce Tip Pale Ale and Hammer of Doom Canadian Imperial Stout. What’s more intriguing is their upcoming food menu, which promises to feature meticulously researched pizza options. Given the success of Kettle River, Jackknife Brewing is poised to be a new hotspot for those who appreciate finely crafted beer coupled with exceptional food.

Shoreline Brewing Co.

Located on the shores of Okanagan Lake, Shoreline Brewing Co. offers a picturesque setting for enjoying craft beer. Their focus on local flavours and high-quality ingredients from the Okanagan Valley and Lower Mainland is evident in their brews, such as the Smashin Pumpkin Ale and Find Your Peach Wheat Ale. The stunning views of the beach, lake, and mountains complement their commitment to great beer and a welcoming atmosphere, making Shoreline Brewing Co. a must-visit destination for any season.

Kelowna Brewing Company

Just outside UBC Okanagan’s campus, Kelowna Brewing Company is a favourite off-campus hangout. Their diverse beer range includes Chela Mexican Lager and Summer Ale. This brewpub stands out for its inclusive approach, offering house-made dog treats from spent grain. The atmosphere, characterized by live bands and trivia nights, paired with an extensive menu of bites and brews, makes Kelowna Brewing Company a lively and enjoyable spot for students and locals alike.

Freddy’s Brew Pub

Freddy’s Brew Pub is where beer, food, and bowling come together in a unique blend. Known for brewing beer for over 19 years, Freddy’s has a strong focus on in-house food preparation, including burgers and pizzas made with grains from their brewing process. With 30 bowling lanes and a variety of brews, including the Strikes N Gutters Belgium IPA, Freddy’s offers a fun and casual environment perfect for socializing and enjoying fresh-made food and beverages.

Unleashed Brewing

Unleashed Brewing, a newcomer in the North-end Brewery District, is quickly gaining popularity among beer and dog lovers. Their dog-friendly patio and upcoming approval for dogs inside the taproom make it a unique spot. The Takaya Hibiscus Pale Ale is a standout among their offerings, and the location's proximity to other great breweries makes it an excellent choice for a brewery-hopping experience in Kelowna.

The Office Brewery

Located between Unleashed Brewing and The Welton Arms, The Office Brewery is a recent addition to Kelowna's North End breweries. It’s a favourite for enjoying smaller crowds and delicious eats like wings, tacos, and jalepeno poppers. The Commuter Pale Ale is a highlight, and the brewpub's inviting atmosphere makes it ideal for meet-ups with friends or pre-date night drinks.

CRAFT Beer Market

In the old Paramount Theatre downtown, CRAFT Beer Market is a standout with 100 beers on tap and a menu featuring handcrafted items made with fresh local ingredients. This premium casual restaurant caters to diverse dietary needs, offering gluten-free and vegetarian options.


Kelowna’s brewpubs are more than just places to enjoy a pint; they are hubs of culinary innovation and community. From historic barns to lakeside retreats, each brewpub offers a unique experience that perfectly encapsulates Kelowna's spirit. Whether you're a beer connoisseur, a foodie, or just looking for a great place to relax, Kelowna's brewpubs are sure to delight and surprise. So, raise a glass and savor the flavours of the city!