CedarCreek Estate Winery: A Celebration of Okanagan's Finest Terroir

Home Block Restaurant at CedarCreek Estate Winery filled with lots of tables and people sitting at the bar and eating at the tables in front of the windows.

Welcome to CedarCreek Estate Winery, an architectural marvel amidst the scenic Okanagan Valley. Come explore one of the oldest wineries in the region that boasts not just award-winning wines but a captivating ambiance and experiences that touch your soul.

Taking root in 1986, CedarCreek has stood the test of time and evolved into a pioneering winery, now standing as proof of the potential of the Okanagan Valley. The vineyard nurtures the soil, the vines, and the spirit of the region to produce world-class wines that are a celebration of the Okanagan's exceptional terroir.

Growing Excellence with Every Drop

What sets CedarCreek apart is its commitment to organic viticulture and biodynamic farming. Understanding that the best wines reflect the land, CedarCreek allows the Okanagan’s unique terroir — a mix of mineral-rich, well-drained sandy and clay soils, to shine through in every bottle. The cool climate and ample sunshine fashion vibrant, expressive wines that have put CedarCreek and Okanagan on the global wine map.

Sustainable Farming and Ecosystem Harmony

At CedarCreek Estate Winery, sustainable farming is integral to their winemaking philosophy. For over 40 years, CedarCreek has embraced the natural aspects of their terroir, including the unique geology and climate of the North Okanagan. By fostering a balanced ecosystem, CedarCreek ensures that each vineyard block reaches its full potential, creating exquisite wines.

Vineyard Allies

CedarCreek's approach to viticulture includes a diverse array of animals and plants that contribute to the health and productivity of the vineyard. This synergy between flora and fauna minimizes the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, promoting a natural and sustainable farming environment.

Bees: Essential for pollinating cover crops and wildflowers, bees enrich the soil with life, reducing the need for synthetic interventions.

Chickens: These hardworking birds help control pests and aerate the soil, enhancing soil life and vine health.

Worms: Vital for soil health, worms create passages in the soil, aiding in root penetration and water drainage. Their casts are used to make nutrient-rich worm tea.

Scottish Highland Cows: This herd aids in soil management and compost production while being well-suited to the Okanagan climate.

Kestrels: By providing nesting boxes, CedarCreek supports these native birds, which help control pests and maintain ecological balance.

Kangal Mountain Dog: Deo, the farm dog, protects CedarCreek's animals and guests, ensuring a safe and harmonious environment.

Home Block Vineyard

The heart of CedarCreek Estate Winery is the Home Block Vineyard, where organic practices guide the production of high-quality wines. The vineyard's unique aspect, soil characteristics, and microclimates create ideal conditions for growing premium grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. These grapes are meticulously cultivated and never leave the estate, ensuring the highest quality wines.

Award-Winning Collections

Every bottle from CedarCreek tells a tale of the land and the passionate winemakers. Their range includes everything from versatile Pinot Gris, Meritage, ranges of Pinot Noirs to their flagship Platinum Block wines which feature rare single-block selections. This commitment to quality and experimentation has earned CedarCreek acclamations in some of the world's most celebrated wine competitions, including taking home the esteemed 'Canadian Winery of the Year' award more than once.

Estate Collection

The Estate Collection at CedarCreek is a true reflection of the Okanagan Valley, capturing the essence of this diverse region from North to South. These wines are crafted exclusively from CedarCreek's estate vineyards, embodying the freshness, vibrancy, and purity characteristic of the North Okanagan style. The Estate Collection offers a harmonious blend of the valley's unique terroir, providing a genuine taste of the region.

Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection features wines made from select single vineyard sites that exhibit unique character and exceptional quality. Spanning from the Home Block vineyard in the North to Hayne’s Creek in the South, these wines showcase the distinctive terroir of each location. The Platinum Collection is a testament to the captivating and diverse landscapes of the Okanagan Valley, producing wines that are both distinctive and memorable.

Aspect Collection

The Aspect Collection represents CedarCreek's dedication to crafting high-quality, terroir-driven wines. The challenging glacial soils and cooler climate of the North Okanagan demand resilience from the vines, resulting in wines of remarkable balance and complexity. The strategic aspect of the vineyard blocks provides extended sunlight exposure, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and fully. The result is a selection of dynamic, aromatic, and vibrant wines that stand out for their unique profiles

Experiences that Create Memories

A visit to CedarCreek involves more than wine tasting. A beautiful landscaped oriental garden and an outdoor amphitheatre for concerts and events, make CedarCreek Estate not just a winery but a destination. Offering vineyard tours, personalized tasting experiences, dining at the Home Block restaurant, and hosting various events throughout the year, CedarCreek ensures your visit is nothing short of perfect memories. Visitors can explore the estate, learn about the winery's sustainable practices, and enjoy the stunning views and exceptional wines of CedarCreek Estate Winery.

Come, savour the Okanagan's finest terroir, unravel the legacy at CedarCreek Estate Winery. Be it the 'love at first taste' for a wine novice or the thoughtful exploration for a sophisticated wine connoisseur, CedarCreek promises an experience you will cherish.