Copper Brewing Co.: Brewed to Perfection in Kelowna

Three glasses of beer sitting on a table in front of a menu and a drink dispenser at Copper Brewing Co. in Kelowna.
Copper Brewing Co.

Bringing the Bounty of the Vine to Your Lips

Enter into a world where hops and grapes coexist harmoniously, and taste lingers in every sip. In British Columbia’s well-known wine and fruit orchard region lies a burgeoning gem of Canadian craft brewing – Copper Brewing Co.

Background: Handcrafting Excellence in Every Bottle

Barely a two-year-old enterprise, established in 2019, Copper Brewing Co. has already carved out quite a niche for itself in the brewing circuit of Kelowna. As a family-run enterprise, their emphasis on quality, community, and authenticity is blended into every keg, growler, and can.

Brewing: The Copper Brewing Way

Experience the unique flavours that are stirred into life in this celebrated brewery. In a world of mass-produced beverages, Copper Brewing takes a decidedly different route. They honour the time-tested traditional brewing procedures, infusing their personal touch to create a range of craft beers that are not only distinctive but also delightfully refreshing. Each of their beers is brewed in-house, ensuring you get a beverage that’s as fresh as it is flavourful.

Noteworthy Brews: A Beer for Every Season

From the classic Copper Lager and House IPA, to the uniquely flavoured Blackcurrant Sour and their seasonal Batch series, Copper Brewing Co. offers a variety of beer styles to cater to diverse tastes. There’s always something fresh, something surprising on tap to intrigue your palate or match your mood.

The Copper Brewing Experience: Beyond the Brew

No visit to Kelowna is complete without a stop at Copper Brewing Co.'s taproom. Cosy, inviting, and perfectly laid-back, it's an ideal spot to unwind with your favourite brew in hand. If hunger strikes as you're savouring the sips, their food menu includes delectable bites that pair perfectly with whatever you've chosen from the tap list.

Community Connections: More than Just a Brewery

From organizing local events to supporting local sports teams, Copper Brewing Co. is not just about brewing beer; they're also about building relationships. The feeling of community is strong here, making each patron feel like a welcomed part of the Copper Brewing family.

Sustainable Practices: Brewing with a Conscience

What's better than savouring a perfectly brewed beer? Knowing that it's been brewed sustainably. Copper Brewing Co. prides itself on its environmentally friendly practices, making a conscious effort to reduce its carbon footprint and waste. From using locally sourced ingredients to recycling spent grain into animal feed, this brewery goes the extra mile for a sustainable tomorrow.

Take the plunge, savour the taste of Copper Brewing Co.'s dedication to their craft. Immerse yourself in the exceptional experience called Copper Brewing Co. Brewed to perfection, it's not just a beer; it's a way of life.