Discover Kelowna's Unique Antique Shops: History in Your Hands

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Kelowna has treasures for those with an appetite for history and a penchant for timeless beauty. It is manifested in Kelowna’s numerous antique shops, each graced with an array of commodities that echo nostalgia and depict the rich historical timeline of Canada and beyond. Here we'll take a leisurely journey through Kelowna's exceptional antique shops. It's time to feel history in your hands!

Antique Stores

Artista Art & Antiques

Artista Art & Antiques, located in downtown Kelowna, offers a diverse collection of antiques, vintage items, and mid-century home décor. This shop features local art, jewelry, watches, china, coins, used books, art glass, furniture, and various collectibles. Known for its clean and organized space, Artista Art & Antiques also provides free appraisals on valuable estate items. Their dedication to curating unique pieces makes it a must-visit for antique enthusiasts looking for both decorative and functional items​​.

Antoni's Antiques & Collectibles

Antoni's Antiques & Collectibles is a go-to destination for antique collectors in Kelowna. This shop prides itself on sourcing and curating one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the rich history of bygone eras. With a focus on superior customer service and competitive pricing, Antoni's offers a wide range of authentic and timeless collectibles, making it a favourite among local antique enthusiasts​​.

Taylor's Antiques

Taylor's Antiques, located in the Okanagan Valley, has been serving the Kelowna community since 1994. This trusted antique broker specializes in buying and selling estates, offering expert appraisals, and providing comprehensive estate services. Taylor's Antiques features a remarkable collection of antiques, vintage, and retro items, ensuring that each piece carries historical and aesthetic value. Their expertise in estate liquidation and insurance services makes them a reliable partner for those looking to preserve the legacy of their cherished items​​.

The Antique Experience

Diving into the Past

What sets the antique-shopping experience apart is the ability to explore the past. Every antique item has a story to tell, a tale of its time, and a trace of history that it carries. Unearthing these treasures takes you on a personal journey through time, where every object is like a page from a history book that you can touch and feel in your own hands.

A Sustainability Practice

In a time when the world is focusing on sustainability, shopping in antique stores can be an ethical and eco-friendly choice. These venerable items, crafted with quality materials and techniques, have weathered the test of time. By adopting antiques, you are engaging in the practice of reusing and recycling, thus minimizing your environmental footprint.

Investment Opportunities

Antique items may also hold financial value, poised to appreciate over time. They can be seen as an asset, an investment that might accrue worth over the years. Objects like old coins, rare books, vintage jewelry, or watches hold historical significance as well as an increased financial value over time, making them a unique investment proposition.


Antique shopping in Kelowna offers an unmatched experience. Its antique shops, brimming with treasures from the past, are ready to take you on a unique journey where history comes alive in your hands. So the next time you find yourself in the beautiful wine-country city of Kelowna, don't forget to take time out from the vineyard tours and lake visits to look into the unique and engaging world of its antique shops.