Discover SpearHead Winery: The Jewel of Okanagan Valley

a patio with tables and umbrellas on a sunny day with a view of the mountains in the distance at SpearHead Winery in Kelowna
SpearHead Winery

With its panoramic vineyard views and distinctive viticultural practices, SpearHead Winery holds a spot amongst the finest wineries in British Columbia's coveted Okanagan Valley.

Exceptional Location

Situated at the topmost part of Spiers Road on the benchlands of southeast Kelowna, SpearHead Winery boasts an enviable location. Ensconced by scenic pine forests and garnished by the spectacular vista of Okanagan Lake, this winery promises more than a taste of quality wines - it offers an unforgettable experience soaked in serene beauty.

A Portfolio of Superlative Wines

Prioritizing excellence over quantity, SpearHead Winery presents a collection of award-winning wines that illustrate the terroir's expressive potential. Most famous for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, these wines capture a unique charisma, resulting from meticulous, sustainable gardening of vineyard plots. Each sip embodies the passion, care, and precision involved throughout the wine crafting journey.

Sustainable Vineyard Practices

Environmental stewardship is at the backbone of SpearHead's operation. They are committed to sustainable farming practices, introducing sheep into the vineyards for natural weed control and fertilization. Their wine bottle packaging is also eco-friendly, keeping their carbon footprint at a minimum.

Innovation in Viticulture

SpearHead is trailblazing the Okanagan Valley wine scene by daring to experiment. They broke ground in the region by planting Grüner Veltliner, an Austrian grape variety, that has been winning over wine enthusiasts with its unique, refreshing palate.

Exquisite Tasting Room

SpearHead's tasting room is an attractive destination designed to soak in the surrounding scenic views fully. Visitors can sample a range of wines while gazing at the breathtaking panorama of Okanagan Valley. Engaging and knowledgeable hosts complement the picture, taking guests through a narrative of the wines and the craftsmanship that shapes them.

Celebrated Wine Club

For those why truly wish to immerse themselves in the SpearHead experience, the winery offers an exclusive Wine Club. Members receive a premium selection of wines, with the added perks of complimentary tastings, special passes to events, and a host of other benefits, making them insiders in the world of SpearHead wines.

Visitors to the Okanagan region or anyone seeking an escape to a tranquil locale with stunning sights and exceptional wines must place SpearHead Winery on their itinerary. This delightful winery shows what happens when dedication to wine craftsmanship brews together with a harmonic respect for nature. Discover SpearHead for yourself and let your senses be captivated by the enchantment of this Okanagan Valley jewel.