Discover the Hidden Treasures of Blind Tiger Vineyards

A picturesque outdoor seating area and tasting room at Blind Tiger Vineyards in Lake Country with a view of the mountains in the background.
Blind Tiger Vineyards

Blind Tiger Vineyards stretches like a lush, vine-woven fabric across the slopes of Lake Okanagan. These fertile lands give birth to some of the most exquisite wines that Canada has to offer and embody a distinctive blend of tradition, perseverance, and integrity. Welcome to Blind Tiger Vineyards – a place to discover.

An Intriguing History

The enigma surrounding the name 'Blind Tiger', originates from the prohibition-era term for underground bars or speakeasies. This clandestine theme permeates the veins of the vineyard’s operations and helps craft an eccentric personality. The vineyard has steadily grown to promise the thrill of an unexpected discovery every time you pop open a bottle of Blind Tiger.

Vineyards of Vision

The vineyard’s landscape kisses the rays of the sun, while the deep-soiled valley keeps its roots moist and flourishing. The result? Perfectly cultivated vines that yield a spectrum of exquisite wines.

A Commitment to Quality

Blind Tiger Vineyards has authentically preserved traditional winemaking methods, embedding each bottle with a sincere dedication to consistency in quality. Every grape is handpicked, ensuring the best possible produce is utilised. Complete control of the winemaking process is maintained, from vine to bottle, lending their wines a class of their own. The diversity of soil and microclimate within the vineyards allow for a delightful array of wines.

Beyond the Vines

Go beyond the bottle and discover a captivating wine tasting experience. Try the authentic woodfire pizza and enjoy live music in the vineyard! Imagine a beautiful day at the vineyard, sampling these exquisite wines and food amidst the beautiful landscape that produced them. The friendly faces of the guests and staff, the warmth of the sun, the gentle rustle of vine leaves and, of course, sumptuous wine to indulge in.

Blind Tiger Vineyards invite you - come unearth the secrets within the bottles, and embrace the adventure that lies in their pursuit. Step into a wine experience that seems cloistered away from the rest of the world and yet, manages to make one feel right at home. Join us at the Blind Tiger Vineyards, where every bottle is an uncorking of intriguing history, outstanding commitment and hidden treasures.