Experience the Magic of Kelowna's Winter Wonderland

A calm scenic view of a frozen lake surrounded by bare trees and mountains under a blue sky with scattered clouds in Kelowna.

Enchanting Beginnings

Welcome to Kelowna, a city that truly comes alive during the winter months. Kelowna possesses a magic that captures the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. From its snow-covered mountain tops to its crystal-clear lakes, everything in Kelowna turns into a magnificent winter wonderland. Its landscapes, unique recreational activities, warm-hearted people, and more make it the perfect destination to experience real Canadian winter at its best.

Marvel at The Snowy Visual Extravaganza

During winter, Kelowna's exquisite landscapes turn into a snowy visual extravaganza. Square miles of valleys are adorned with a thick blanket of snow that sparkles under the winter sun, breaking the bleak monotone of winter with its glittering white. Likewise, the pristine Okanagan Lake transforms into a majestic silver sheet that reflects the dazzling winter sun. Together, they create enchanting vistas that leave viewers awestruck.

Indulge In Thrilling Winter Sports

Winter in Kelowna is all about adventure and fun. The city is well-known for its myriad winter sports and recreational activities. From snowboarding and snowmobiling to ice skating and ice fishing, there's never a dull moment here.

One of the most sought-after activities is skiing, and there are several top-class ski resorts, such as Big White Ski Resort and Silver Star Mountain Resort. These resorts offer excellent trails for both beginners and skilled skiers. If skiing isn't your thing, you can always opt for snowshoeing, another popular activity. There are several trails in the city where you can enjoy this delightful activity.

Taste the Wintry Warmth Of Kelowna's Wineries

Kelowna's winters offer the perfect opportunity to explore its world-class wineries. The city is the hub of the British Columbia wine industry, with more than 120 wineries and 200 vineyards. A winter wine tour, along the Lakeshore Wine Route, includes a guided stroll through vineyards blanketed in snow, followed by a cozy wine-tasting session. Delicious wines, paired with the stunning backdrop of a snowy vineyard, provide a memorable wine-tasting experience.

Explore Kelowna's Art And Culture

As much as Kelowna is connected with nature, it is equally a city of thriving arts and culture. Visit Kelowna's Cultural District, home to several renowned museums, art galleries, and theatres. The Kelowna Art Gallery and the Okanagan Heritage Museum are just a few of the places that you can explore. Winters in Kelowna also host special winter-themed events like the Winter Street Market, where you can shop for local arts and crafts while enjoying the live music and food stalls.

Experience Kelowna's Delicious Winter Cuisine

Kelowna is also a food lover's paradise. During winter, many of its best restaurants introduce special winter menus featuring warm, hearty meals made using local ingredients. Don't miss out on trying some of the local favourites like seafood, chowder and game meat.


In all its splendour and beauty, Kelowna transforms into a winter wonderland, offering an amazing mix of mesmerizing landscapes, action-packed adventures, warm wineries, rich culture, and delicious food, a destination that leaves you captivated. Kelowna's winter wonderland promises a truly magical experience.