Experience the Phenomenal Wines of 50th Parallel Estate

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50th Parallel Estate

A Decade of Decadence: The Unforgettable Journey of 50th Parallel Estate

Imbibing a world-class wine is an experience, a journey that unravels in dimensions of taste, smells, sights, and sounds. This journey transcends the glass to encompass the location and its stories, nature's influences, the dedication of men and women, and the pursuit of perfection. This is the nature of 50th Parallel Estate, a stunning vineyard in Lake Country, Kelowna, home to phenomenal wines which continue to captivate the palates of connoisseurs worldwide.

The Vineyard: Uniquely 50th Parallel

50th Parallel Estate is distinct, not only in its precocious wines, but also due to its unmatched geographical location. Sited on the 50th parallel, this region enjoys a unique synchronicity with the world's famous wine-growing regions including the French regions of Champagne and Loire Valley- a sparkling statement to its wine-growing prowess.

This location imposes a distinct micro-climate, largely influencing flavour profile, quality, and complexity of the wines. The combination of warm days and cool nights sustain balanced sugar-acid ratio in the grapes, culminating into wines with an impressive structure and depth.

Art Meets Science In The Winemaking Process

50th Parallel Estate has a meticulous winemaking processes that balance modern techniques with traditional values. Internationally acclaimed winemaker, Matthew Fortuna, who is integral to the 50th Parallel success story, orchestrates an empathetic, minimalist intervention, enabling the grapes to express their inherent character profoundly.

State-of-the-art equipment, gravity-flow winemaking, and precision temperature control signifies the quest for perfection ensnaring the nature of each varietal. Delicate, yet profound Pinot Noirs, aromatic and vivacious Rieslings, and full-bodied, elegant Chardonnays are stars that shine brightly in the constellation of 50th Parallel's portfolio.

Award-Winning Wines

The finesse that goes into creating a bottle of 50th Parallel wine manifests in a fleet of accolades. Winning countless prestigious national and international awards including the esteemed Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in British Columbia Wines multiple times, their reputation for premium wine production remains unsurpassed in the wine landscape.

A Sensorial Entourage

Wine tasting at 50th Parallel Estate is more than just an intimate rendezvous with delectable wines. It's a space that blends the staticity of architecture with the fluidity of naturescape - all combining into a harmonious spectacle. Mountain vistas, luminous vine rows, the iridescent glow of Okanagan lake - the entire atmosphere marries the sense of sight with the euphoria of taste, further elevating the wine experience.

World Class Dining Experience: BLOCK ONE

The 50th Parallel story doesn't end in your wine glass. Presenting, BLOCK ONE, a 50th Parallel Estate's Restaurant. Helmed by a well-decorated team of chefs, BLOCK ONE offers an immersive, world-class dining experience that perfectly pairs with their exquisite wines. Emphasizing local ingredients and seasonal menus, an evening at BLOCK ONE is an enchanting wrapping to your vineyard tour.

50th Parallel Estate shows the artistry, passion, and precision that goes into making an extraordinary wine. A rendezvous with this award-winning winery is an experience you wouldn't want to miss.