Exploring the Depths of Flavour at Shore Line Brewing

An evening view of Shore Line Brewing Co. in Kelowna with a bench in front of the building and people visible inside.
Shore Line Brewing

Uncover the Secret Behind Every Sip: Shore Line Brewing

Infinity symbolized in the grain, Shore Line Brewing encapsulates the simplicity and complexity of both Mother Nature and human ingenuity. Craft beer aficionados and casual sippers alike are immersed in a world of rich tradition and innovative flare at Shore Line.

Connecting the Earth to Your Glass

At the heart of Shore Line’s success is their unwavering commitment to brewing with vegan, locally sourced ingredients for the freshest, purest taste possible. Their beer is a symphony of flavours, each note amplified by the quality of the resources at hand – the clean Canadian waters, the nutrient-rich grain, and the potent hops. Part of the experience is not merely tasting, but feeling the life of Kelowna with every sip.

Nurturing the Craft: Our Brewmasters

The passionate brewmasters at Shore Line are instrumental in maintaining the library of flavours and carefully crafting new ones. Their talent lies not just in brewing beer, but in telling stories through it. Every brew is a rich narrative with its own unique characters, plots and twists, echoed through distinct notes, surprising aromas, and complex textures. This is originality, in its most genuine, compelling form - a liquid tale of the brewer's fervour, finesse, and creativity.

Ales, Lagers, and Beyond: The Shore Line Portfolio

The diverse and unique portfolio of Shore Line showcases their relentless spirit of exploration and innovation. The portfolio also boasts several ales that celebrate the colour-rich palette of Kelowna's landscapes, along with the seasonal favourites which encapsulate a particular mood or moment in time.

Types of Beer

Shore Line Brewing brews a wide variety of beers, including ales, lagers, and seasonal favourites. Some of their most popular beers include:

  • Gyro Golden Ale: A dry-hopped golden ale with hints of honey, tangerine, and tropical fruit.
  • Wakesetter IPA: A hop-forward IPA with citrus, pine, and tropical notes.
  • SmokeShow Hazy IPA: A juicy IPA, loaded with tropical fruit and citrus notes, with a smooth finish.
  • Find Your Peach: A sweet and juicy peach ale.
  • Dead Calm Stout: A creamy and smooth stout with notes of chocolate and coffee.

Immerse in the Experience: The Tasting Room

A visit to Shore Line Brewing would be incomplete without a tour of the iconic tasting room. A space built on the balance between the contemporary and the vintage, the tasting room is where your senses are allowed to unwind and roam free. Here, the energy of Shore Line Brewing seems almost tangible, as the aroma of fresh hops mingles with the anticipation of eager tasters.

The tasting room at Shore Line Brewing is a great place to sample their beers and learn more about their brewing process. The tasting room offers tours and flights of beer, so you can get a taste of everything they have to offer. The tasting room is also a great place to relax and socialize with friends.

A Toast to Sustainability

It's crucial to note that Shore Line Brewing doesn't just build connections between people and their beer; their commitment extends to the planet too. In every decision, care is taken to minimize their ecological footprint, including their energy-efficient production process, recycling program, or sourcing methods.

Shore Line Brewing is committed to sustainability and minimizing their ecological footprint. They use renewable energy sources to power their brewery, and they recycle all of their waste. Shore Line Brewing also sources their ingredients locally whenever possible to reduce their carbon footprint.


Come and explore the depths of flavour at Shore Line Brewing - your journey into the world of craft beer awaits. The doors of this Kelowna brewery are wide open, filled with liquid narratives waiting to unfold with every sip.