Exploring the Dual Sides of Craft Beer at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

People sitting at a wooden table with menus and drinks in a brightly lit brewery, while a cameraman films in the background.
Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

Tucked away in the exciting craft beer scene of Kelowna, lies an exceptional, unique, and charismatic brewery that goes by the exciting name of Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. Founded on the core values of creativity, craftsmanship, and sociability, this thriving brewery provides an unmatched journey through the intriguing world of craft beer.

The Duality of Vice & Virtue

As the name suggests, Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. is all about exploring and celebrating duality. The name itself represents the balance between good and bad, right and wrong, and vice and virtue. As you step inside, you’ll be fascinated by how smoothly this duality translates into their brewing philosophy.

Glamour in the Grains

Every beer at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. is brewed with meticulous precision, drawing on traditional brewing methods while also adding their unique modern spin. The grains, hops, and yeast are judiciously chosen considering each element's unique profile. This results in a tantalizing selection of craft beers that ranges from familiar classics to adventurous concoctions that excite even the most discerning beer enthusiasts.

A Tasting Tour Worth Taking

Embark on a tasting tour and immerse yourself in the varied flavours and aromas of the craft beers offered. Delight in the balance of flavours in Love Potion, a raspberry Berliner Weisse, or the adventurous nature of their White Lie, a pilsner brewed with a blend of New Zealand and American hops. Between hoppy, bold, bitter, or smooth beers, Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. has something for every taste.

A Brewery with a Heart

Beyond their passion for effortlessly blending tradition with a hint of rebellion, Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. is committed to enriching the local community. This ethos is evident in their support for local food trucks, encouraging their patrons to take in the full Kelowna experience by pairing their delightful beers with mouthwatering local cuisine.

A Sensational Craft Beer Experience

Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. offers a genuine, joyous, and exceptional craft beer experience. Your senses are guaranteed to be tested and thrilled, and your conversations around beer forever enriched.

The deeper you dive into the intriguing world of Vice & Virtue Brewing Co., the more enamoured you'll become. So, take a trip to a standout of Kelowna's craft beer scene and fall in love with the dual sides of craft beer at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. It's where craft meets charm and vice clashes with virtue.