Fitness in Kelowna: Best Gyms, Classes and Outdoor Activities

a man doing a yoga pose in a field of tall grass with his arms stretched out in front of him
Pranify Yoga


Kelowna offers a unique blend of fitness and wellness opportunities. With a stunning network of gyms, fitness classes, and outdoor activities, this city promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Let's take an in-depth look at what one can expect when pursuing fitness in Kelowna.

Best Gyms

Kelowna has seen a surge of state-of-the-art fitness facilities, each offering unique features and programs that cater to a range of fitness levels and preferences.

One standout institution is the Global Fitness and Racquet Centre, offering an extensive range of cardio and strength training equipment. Interestingly, the gym also offers racquet sports facilities, making it a one-of-a-kind destination for fitness enthusiasts.

Another option for those who enjoy a boutique fitness experience is Orange Theory Fitness. The gym is praised for its heart-rate-based interval training that combines cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises. It provides short-burst, high-intensity workouts that are proven to be effective for weight loss and building strength.

Finally, for those who crave a high-energy atmosphere, Steve Nash Fitness World is a must-visit. This gym prides itself on its motivating environment, professional personal trainers, and an array of fitness classes.

Top Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are another major component of Kelowna's fitness scene. These not only make exercising fun but also offer a sense of community amongst fellow fitness enthusiasts.

At the top of the list is the ballet-inspired workout at The Bar Method. Here, workouts involve a combination of isometric exercises and stretches, which aim to sculpt and tone muscles, increase flexibility and boost stamina.

Another popular group class is spin at SpinCo. Known for their high energy and fun atmospheres, these classes provide an excellent cardio workout while also toning the muscles.

For a more holistic fitness approach, Pranify Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes. With options like hot yoga and yoga fusion, it caters to those seeking flexibility, core strength, and mental tranquillity.

Outdoor Activities

Kelowna's diverse outdoor landscape makes it an idyllic location for fitness enthusiasts who prefer training in nature. Outdoor fitness activities abound in Kelowna, providing options for all ability levels and interests.

Hiking is a popular choice among residents, with Knox Mountain Park offering some of the best trails. The challenging terrain provides a great workout and the stunning views reward every step.

For water-sport lovers, stand-up paddleboarding on Okanagan Lake promotes both balance and strength. The calm, crystal-clear lake contrasts the verdant landscape, making it a visually stunning workout spot.

Cycling is also a staple outdoor activity. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail, a historic, 600-km long railway bed, is transformed into an ideal biking trail with its undulating terrain and breathtaking vistas.


Between the intense workout sessions at the gym, lively fitness classes, or calming outdoor activities, Kelowna more than satisfies the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The amalgamation of high-quality fitness facilities and the diverse outdoor landscape make Kelowna a paradise for those passionate about health and well-being. With its alluring blend of fitness opportunities and magnificent natural beauty, Kelowna motivates a compelling fitness journey unlike any other.