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Golfing and Dining: Top Kelowna Courses with Exceptional Eateries

A white plate topped with meat and a salad next to a glass of red wine at The Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna.
The Harvest Golf Club


In Kelowna, the fusion of golf and gastronomy offers a unique leisure experience, blending the tranquillity of lush fairways with the delight of culinary exploration. Here are Kelowna's finest golf courses paired with exceptional dining experiences, from casual bites to sophisticated cuisine.

The Harvest Golf Club

The Harvest Golf Club is a place of golfing excellence in Kelowna. Renowned for its well-manicured greens and stunning views, it's a place where the game of golf meets the art of dining. At Masa's Grill, guests are treated to an Okanagan-inspired culinary journey. The grill prides itself on casual fine dining, offering a menu brimming with fresh, local flavours and a West Coast flair, all crafted under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Michael Miller.

The dining experience here is punctuated by specials on different nights, each offering a unique taste. On Fridays, the prime rib night becomes the star attraction, drawing in guests with its mouth-watering, tender cuts. Saturdays feature the Chef's special plate, showcasing the team's culinary creativity, while Sundays are reserved for a sumptuous a-la-carte brunch, followed by an evening of exquisite pasta dishes. Masa's Grill encapsulates the essence of Kelowna’s scenic beauty and culinary richness, making it a must-visit for any golfing enthusiast.

Kelowna Springs Golf Club

At Kelowna Springs Golf Club, every swing is accompanied by a backdrop of natural beauty, with the course itself offering a blend of challenge and accessibility. The club's heart, however, beats strongest at the Legends Classic Grill. Here, dining is more than just a meal; it's an event. The Grill's diverse menu offerings cater to all tastes and occasions, from breakfast to weddings, ensuring every guest finds something to relish.

The Legends Classic Grill is known for its impeccable service and top-quality food, earning it accolades from both local clubs and visiting golfers. Its range of buffets – breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and even special Thanksgiving and wedding buffets – offer a feast for the senses. The outdoor barbeque events add a touch of rustic charm, perfect for those balmy Kelowna evenings. The Grill's commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of its guests, who consistently praise the quality of both the food and the experience.

Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club

Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club offers a course that's as enjoyable as it is challenging. With its narrow, wooded fairways and creek hazards, the course provides an immersive golfing experience, complemented by stunning views and a serene atmosphere. While detailed dining information is limited, the club is reputed for its excellent food and service, as echoed in guest reviews.

The club's dining venue is renowned for its attentive staff and delicious fare, as highlighted in various guest testimonials. From casual gatherings to grand banquets, the Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club ensures a memorable culinary experience, seamlessly blending with the golfing adventure.

Black Mountain Golf Club

Black Mountain Golf Club, with its breathtaking scenery and challenging greens, is for golf aficionados. The course, characterized by its diverse terrain and stunning vistas, promises an unforgettable golfing experience. The club is known to provide exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere.

The club's dining facility has been commended for its quality and ambiance. Golfers and visitors alike can look forward to a satisfying culinary experience that complements the exhilaration of the game, all set against the backdrop of Kelowna's natural beauty.

Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club

Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club stands out with its exceptional layout and panoramic views. The course, with its mix of challenging and picturesque holes, is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Visitors have praised the club for its dining, particularly noting the stunning views that accompany meals. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing dinner after a round of golf or stopping by for a meal with a view, Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club offers a unique blend of sport and gastronomy in Kelowna's serene landscape.

Shannon Lake Golf Course

Shannon Lake Golf Course, set against the backdrop of a tranquil lake, provides an accessible and enjoyable golfing experience for players of all skill levels. The course is complemented by the Shannon Lake Bar and Grill, offering a diverse range of dining options. From fine dining experiences to comforting pub grub, the grill caters to every palate.

The Bar and Grill at Shannon Lake shows the course's commitment to providing a comprehensive golfing experience. The diverse menu ensures that your culinary desires will be met with the same care and quality as your golfing needs. The serene setting of the course, coupled with the inviting atmosphere of the grill, creates a perfect blend of leisure and pleasure, making Shannon Lake a must-visit destination for golfers and food enthusiasts alike.


Kelowna's golf courses offer more than just a game; they provide a complete sensory experience. From the lush fairways of The Harvest Golf Club to the stunning lake views at Shannon Lake, each course offers its own unique charm, further enriched by exceptional dining experiences. These courses in Kelowna promise an unforgettable journey of sport and taste, set against the backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. As you plan your next visit, remember that in Kelowna, every tee-off is a step towards a new culinary discovery.