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Insider's Guide to Kelowna's Best Brunch Spots

a plate of pancakes with fruit on top of it next to a plate of fruit on the side of the table
Bohemian Cafe and Catering Co.

Introduction to Kelowna's Brunch Culture

Brunch, the magnificent meal that combines the early morning freshness of breakfast with the satisfying substance of lunch, has made its way into the hearts of gastronomes around the globe. And, in Kelowna, this delightful dining experience has risen to new heights. The city is known for stunning landscapes, sprawling vineyards, and, significantly, its mouth-watering brunch choices that set a perfect start to a leisurely day.

Bohemian Café

The Bohemian Café, fondly known as "the Boh," is another must-visit brunch destination that's been serving Kelowna since 1991. Known for its kitschy décor and friendly service, the Bohemian Café offers an exceptional range of mouth-watering brunch options. The beloved Eggs Benedict with hash browns is an eternal favourite. This casual, friendly café springs a few surprises with its homemade menu options like the sausage, bread and jam. Their drink menu, featuring freshly squeezed juices and the city's finest coffee, further adds to the Boh's charm.

The Jammery

The Jammery, located off Highway 97, offers a unique brunching experience. Famous for its jams, which are available in many flavours, the restaurant also boasts an impressive brunch menu. The classic Jammery Benny served hot with the tangy house-made jam, or the signature Jammery Omelette, packed with vegetables and cheese, offers a treat to your taste buds. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, The Jammery is a fantastic spot to enjoy the dual experience of scenic views and delectable food.

Central Kitchen + Bar

If you want something with a touch of modernity, Central Kitchen + Bar, located in the downtown area, is the place to go. It boasts urban chic interiors and an elaborate menu with innovative spins on timeless brunch classics. The Central Bacon Benny is a must-try, and the "Seoul Survivor" Chicken Sandwich is an eclectic blend of flavours that brunch dreams are made of.


With this guide, we invite you to explore the culinary delights of Kelowna's brunch scene. Each spot has its niche, ranging from relaxed and intimate settings, longstanding favourites, unique flavour profiles, to modern takes on traditional brunch dishes. There's no better way to start your day than with a satisfying brunch at one of these delectable destinations in Kelowna.