Jackknife Brewing: Crafting Beer with an Edge

a bar with a lot of menus on the wall and a lot of bottles on the counter in front of it
Jackknife Brewing

A Look at Jackknife Brewing

Welcome to Jackknife Brewing Co: an eclectic artisanal brewery that prides itself on producing some of Kelowna’s most innovative and flavourful craft beers. With a name as bold as its taste, Jackknife Brewing has fully embodied the spirit of Kelowna's adventurous nature, crafting beers that are as adventurous as the outdoorsy people who love them.

Eclectic Ambiance

The ambiance perfectly complements its eclectic offerings with an alternative/metal kind of vibe. The setting is modern, yet infused with rustic charm. An artful, industrial aesthetic meets organic natural elements, creating a cozy, welcoming space to relax, taste, and embrace the art of brewing.

Brewing with a Difference

Jackknife Brewing is the epitome of a resilient small business, following its passion for quality craft beer. The brewing process is non-traditional, harnessing the power of unique ingredients, innovation, and imagination to create beers that push boundaries while remaining approachable and enjoyable. The beers are experimental kinds of beers and are brewed with kveik yeast. They are unfiltered, a bit unusual, but very tasty and enjoyable for the average beer drinker.

A Balanced Brewing Approach

Jackknife Brewing believes in the art of balance. Combining both beer styles from around the world and local influences, the brewery manages to keep beer enthusiasts on their toes. By utilizing the best organic barley grown close to home along with a diverse selection of hops from around the world, Jackknife Brewing stays committed to sustainability and high-quality brewing.

Beers That Celebrate Kelowna's Spirit

The range of beers offered by Jackknife Brewing tell the story of Kelowna through inspired names and unique flavours. Beers like "Fool's Gold" and "Hair Straight Back" ensure that each sip is imbued with a sense of place and a hint of local history. Each brew captures the city’s unique spirit, character, and stories, mirroring the surrounding land’s rugged beauty and showcasing the hoppiness that endeared craft beer to the region.

The Edgy Taproom Experience

Adding to the sensory pleasure is Jackknife Brewery’s taproom. Here, visitors can savour their craft beers straight from the source in an environment that combines rustic charm with modern, industrial edge. With locally crafted tables and a spectacular view of the brewing operations, the taproom invites you to relax, engage your senses, and immerse yourself in the local flavours of Kelowna, leaving patrons with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the craft, commitment, and creativity that goes into each brew.

An Invitation to Taste the Edge

So take a swing at Jackknife Brewing and taste what it's like to drink beers with an edge. The brewery’s dedication to innovation, quality, and character shines through every drop of their unforgettable brews. The journey of captivating tastes and textures, exceptional quality, and creative brews await your palette at Jackknife Brewing.

Meeting the guys who dare to offer something different, experiencing the exciting atmosphere of their taproom, and of course, enjoying their fantastic brews, is not just another beer-tasting experience; it's taking part in a journey. Embrace the spirit of Kelowna; embrace the spirit of Jackknife Brewing. Make the extraordinary your ordinary and create your unique craft beer journey today.