Journey to the Wine Country at 50th Parallel Estate

Vats and aging barrels at the 50th Parallel
50th Parallel Estate

Discover the Uniqueness of 50th Parallel Estate

Step into a world of premium wine and natural beauty at 50th Parallel Estate, a remarkable winery located in the breathtaking city of Kelowna. This luxury wine destination provides an unforgettable experience, intricately crafted from vine to wine.

Experience Heart-Stopping Scenery

The winery rests on a sprawling 61-acre land in a location that opens up breathtaking views of Lake Okanagan and panoramic sights of the descending vineyards. This harmonious connection between earth and grape is a sight to behold, creating a serene environment that invites you to relax and breathe in the intoxicating aromas of nature and fine wine.

The Winemakers' Secret? Location, location, location

50th Parallel Estate is markedly located on the 50th parallel north, which is internationally recognized as a unique and privileged wine-growing region. The vineyard enjoys an ideal climate for wine production, with warm days and cool nights. Kelowna's distinct microclimate, combined with the vineyard's north-facing slopes, provide a perfect stage for grape growing - the tenderness and care invested into every vine are reflected in the wine's exquisite taste.

Explore Handcrafted Premium Wines

The winery boasts world-class wines, reflecting the unique characteristics of the region's terroir. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are the stars of the show at 50th Parallel, but other varieties also grace the vineyard, including Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. Each bottle produced demonstrates the expertise and passion that goes into every step of the wine production process.

Get Immersed in Modern Wine Technology

The technologically advanced gravity-flow winery, a unique feature at 50th Parallel Estate, ensures the highest quality wines. This innovative wine-making process, combined with traditional methods, not only enhances the quality of the winery's products but also showcases the winery's commitment to producing premium wines.

Enjoy World-Class Hospitality Services

Experience luxury at its best in the winery's tasting room and wine shop, where visitors can taste a variety of unique wines. The BLOCK ONE restaurant, known for its award-winning culinary team, offers a tasting menu carefully crafted to pair perfectly with the estate's wines, ensuring a harmonious gastronomic journey.

Inspiring Wine Tours

Guided tours around the estate offer a remarkable behind-the-scenes insight into the intricate wine-making process. Visitors can embark on a journey of grape-to-glass, taking an immersive tour around the cellars, processing area, and the beautiful vineyard itself.

Marking Milestones with the Community

There's no denying the integral role that 50th Parallel Estate plays in the local community. Their support for local artists, musicians, and events underscores their dedication to Kelowna's cultural fabric.

50th Parallel Estate offers you more than just wine - it's an authentic experience that encapsulates the spirit of Kelowna's wine country. Embrace this journey to the wine region and create memories that will last a lifetime.