Kelowna by Night: Best Evening Activities in the City

Aerial view of Kelowna at dusk, with city lights illuminating snow-covered streets and buildings, and Okanagan Lake in the background under a cloudy sky.

As the sun sets and the city lights sparkle, Kelowna truly comes alive. Offering rich and varied experiences after dark, Kelowna becomes a city for nocturnal adventurers seeking a mix of culture, entertainment, and gastronomy. From nighttime wine tours to live performances, let's get to know Kelowna by night and explore some of the best evening activities in the city.

Evening Wine Tours

Kelowna is renowned for its sprawling vineyards and award-winning wines. To truly appreciate the beauty and flavours of the region, take an evening wine tour. These unique tours allow you to visit selected wineries under a mesmerizing night sky. As the sun sets, these vineyards take on a whole new dimension of beauty, and the cool evening breeze adds a unique nuance to the taste of the local wines.

At Mission Hill Winery and Quails' Gate, you can enjoy romantic evening dinners at the wineries' on-site restaurants, which offer exquisite menus paired with top-tier wines. While at Tantalus Vineyards, you can enjoy a twilight wine-tasting tour. The romantic ambiance, stunning scenery, and the taste of delicious wines create an unforgettable experience.

Night Markets of Kelowna

If you're looking to sample some local food, craft, and entertainment all in one place, then Kelowna's night markets are the place to be. The Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market is a lively spot bustling with food vendors, artisans, and entertainers. Here, local producers and craftspeople display their culinary and artistic talents under the night sky. From fresh produce and edible treats to handmade crafts and jewelry, you can find a diverse assortment of items to shop for while enjoying live music performances.

Another popular evening market in Kelowna is the Grizzli Winery's Summer Night Market. Here, you can enjoy shopping, fine wine, food trucks, and live music amidst the enchanting surroundings of the Grizzli Winery.

Explore Kelowna's Cultural Scene

For those with a penchant for arts and culture, Kelowna provides a compelling mix of live performances, art galleries, and exhibits. The Kelowna Community Theatre and the Rotary Centre for the Arts are popular venues where you can end your night on a high note with some live music, theatre performances, or dance shows.

Vernon’s Powerhouse Theatre, about a 45-minute drive from Kelowna, showcases a series of plays and musicals designed to challenge and inspire. Meanwhile, for movie lovers, Kelowna Cineplex offers the latest blockbusters along with some classic films in the late hours.

Art lovers can head to the Cultural District, home to numerous art galleries like Hambleton Galleries, showcasing artworks from local, national, and international artists. Late-night exhibitions are often held, providing a unique way to experience art.

Evenings by the Lake

End your day at the enchanting waterfront parks of Kelowna. These areas, including City Park and Waterfront Park, become popular hangout spots for people to enjoy the cool evening breeze and stunning sunset views over Okanagan Lake. The parks are equipped with walking trails, picnic areas, and scenery, making them perfect for a calm, relaxing evening.

Savour the Taste of Kelowna at Night

Kelowna's culinary scene is as diverse as its scenic beauty. Partake in the city's gastronomic scene by visiting some of their popular eateries and restaurants. Micro Bar & Bites, its sister restaurant, offers the best cocktails in town, while Salt & Brick features innovative and fresh dining concepts.

On the waterfront, Eldorado Lounge provides mesmerizing views of the lake, complemented by an impressive menu and drink lists that showcase local ingredients.


As the night falls, Kelowna continues to offer a lifetime’s worth of entertainment and activities. There's always something for you in Kelowna when the sun sets. Come and discover the city's magical nightscape and create your own unforgettable Kelowna-by-night experience.