Coffee Houses

Kelowna's Coffee Culture: A Tour of the City's Best Cafés

A latte in a dark-colored cup with heart-shaped latte art on top, on a table in Kelowna.
Sprout Bread

In Kelowna, coffee is a reflection of the city's character, creativity, and local love. From the downtown corners to serene lakeside views, the city's coffee culture is as rich and diverse as its landscape. Here are some of Kelowna's best cafés, each offering a unique slice of this dynamic city's life through their aromatic brews and welcoming spaces.

Kelowna's coffee scene thrives on its strong connections to local roasters, prioritizing freshness and quality in every cup. This emphasis on local sourcing is not just about taste; it's a commitment to the community's economy and environmental sustainability. Bright Jenny Coffee, a spacious café known for its air-conditioned co-working area and large outdoor terrace, exemplifies this with its locally roasted beans. Similarly, Cherry Hill Coffee, renowned for its wide range of single-origin and blended roasts, underscores the city's preference for quality and locally sourced products.

Kelowna's Best Cafés

Bright Jenny Coffee

An emblem of local pride, Bright Jenny Coffee stands out with its unique co-working space and a terrace that invites both social gatherings and solitary contemplation. This café, originally known as Canoe Roasters, is an example of the evolving coffee culture in Kelowna, blending traditional roasting methods with modern tastes.

The Bean Scene Coffee Works

Established in 1996, The Bean Scene Coffee Works has become a Kelowna institution. With four locations across the city, it offers a consistent yet distinct coffee experience, serving locally roasted beans alongside a menu of healthy breakfast and lunch options.

Sprout Bread

Sprout Bread is more than a coffee shop; it's a culinary adventure. Known for its freshly baked bread and an array of coffee drinks, it's a perfect spot for those looking for a hearty meal with their coffee.

Slowside Coffee

For those who love to savor their coffee, Slowside Coffee offers an experience in patience and taste. This café celebrates the slow art of coffee-making, serving premium espresso and pour-over coffee complemented by high-quality pastries.


New to Kelowna's coffee scene, Revelry is quickly making its mark. Doubling as a café and music venue, it's the place where coffee, snacks, and live music create a unique and lively atmosphere.

Bliss Bakery

Bliss Bakery, a bustling café in the north end of downtown, is renowned for its freshly brewed Cherry Hill Coffee and a wide selection of baked goods. It's a favourite weekend destination for both locals and visitors.

Pulp Fiction Coffee

Step into Pulp Fiction Coffee and travel back in time. This 1950’s themed coffee shop doubles as a rare book store, offering a nostalgic atmosphere complemented by a warm cup of coffee.

Eurobean Espresso

Formerly GioBean Espresso, Eurobean offers a taste of Europe next to the Delta Grand Hotel. With Okanagan-roasted Italian coffee and a variety of cold desserts, it's a delightful spot for coffee enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike.

Deville Coffee

Deville Coffee, on Bernard Avenue, is known for its direct trade coffee and a range of fresh baked goods. The café's spacious interior and variety of beans provide a refreshing alternative to the mainstream coffee chains.

Coffee Culture and Community

Kelowna's artisanal coffee shops offer more than just a great caffeine fix; they provide unique, handcrafted experiences. These cafés focus on the art of coffee-making, ensuring each cup displays their dedication and skill. From the meticulous brewing techniques to the selection of beans, every aspect of these cafés is tailored to deliver an exceptional coffee experience.

In Kelowna, coffee shops are not just places for a quick caffeine fix; they are vital community hubs. They serve as spaces where people connect, share stories, and build relationships. This sense of community is palpable in many of the city's cafés, where the warm and inviting atmosphere makes everyone feel at home.

Many of Kelowna's coffee shops take full advantage of the city's stunning landscapes. Whether it's a lakeside view or a cozy corner in a bustling district, these cafés provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cup of coffee. The scenic beauty of Kelowna adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the coffee experience, making each visit memorable.