Kelowna's Organic Spas

a man standing in front of a trailer with a sink and a refrigerator in its back yard illuminated by string lights
Forest Spa by Tality Wellness

In a world where wellness and sustainability intertwine, Kelowna emerges as an attractive destination for organic spa experiences. Exploring Kelowna's spa scene reveals options that pamper the body and mind. From serene outdoor retreats to luxurious organic treatments, each spa we feature showcases Kelowna's commitment to environmental consciousness and natural wellbeing.

Forest Spa - Tality Wellness

Forest Spa offers a unique outdoor spa experience. Amongst towering pine trees and offering expansive mountain views, this spa feels like a secluded retreat in the wilderness. Here, the sounds of the city are replaced by the whispering pines and, if you’re fortunate, the occasional wildlife sighting.

The spa's amenities are a blend of rustic charm and modern wellness. You can unwind in a wood-burning sauna or brave a cold plunge. A heated seating area awaits to soothe your senses, and the experience is made complete with unlimited kombucha and hot tea. With towels, robes, and flops all provided, your comfort is assured in this stunning outdoor setting.

Namaste Day Spa

At Namaste Day Spa, organic skincare is more than a practice - it's a philosophy. Partnering with Eminence Organic Skincare, Namaste Day Spa ensures each facial treatment is a blend of purity and luxury. Eminence's commitment to using 100% organic ingredients guarantees that your skin is treated to the finest natural care, free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

The spa's array of facial treatments is impressive. The Classic Facial is a journey through cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishment, leaving your skin radiant and revitalized. The Signature Spa Facial elevates the experience with a back and shoulder massage, infused with unique Hungarian massage techniques. For something truly special, the Fire & Ice Facial is a sensory delight, combining the warmth of hot stones with a refreshing cool infusion. And for those seeking a comprehensive experience, the ‘Spa Sampler’ Facial Package combines various treatments into a rejuvenating two-hour service.

Damara Day Spa - Delta Grand Okanagan

Damara Day Spa is an oasis of organic luxury. The spa’s use of Eminence Organic Skin Care and BCL Organics products embodies their commitment to natural, sustainable beauty. These products are a blend of hand-picked herbs, fruits, and vegetables, ensuring your skin is nourished with the purest ingredients. Their dedication to the environment is mirrored in their treatments, offering a skincare experience that’s both indulgent and environmentally conscious.


Kelowna's spas are sanctuaries where luxury meets sustainability. Each spa brings a unique blend of eco-friendly practices and organic treatments, reflecting Kelowna’s dedication to preserving our planet while providing exceptional wellness experiences.