Kelowna's Microbrewery Scene & All the Best Brews

Beside a modern glass of amber-colored beer with unique black artwork, a BNA Brewing pint glass shines brightly in
BNA Brewing

An Introduction to Kelowna's Microbrewery Scene

Kelowna is making a name for itself in the world of craft beers, and for beer enthusiasts, there could be no better time to explore the various microbreweries in the city.

The city’s microbrewery scene is promising and continues to thrive, transforming the city into a beer-lovers paradise. The city is home to a vast collection of microbreweries, each with its unique flavours, brewing techniques and personality.

The Birth of Craft Beer Culture in Kelowna

Kelowna's love affair with craft beer began in the early 2010s, with the surge of microbreweries stepping outside the traditional beer landscape to introduce innovative styles and flavours. Today, this city juxtaposes the traditional, like the predominantly German-inspired Kelowna Beer Institute, with the modern, like Vice & Virtue Brewing Co., to create a beer landscape that is as diverse as it is exciting.

Notable Microbreweries in Kelowna

Let’s jump in and explore some of the notable microbreweries that define the Kelowna beer scene and see what makes them stand out.

Kelowna Beer Institute

Kelowna Beer Institute is one of the older breweries in Kelowna, opening its doors in 1996. Their brews, mainly inspired by German traditions, have stood the test of time in the growing Kelowna beer market. From their 'Citratooth IPA,' notorious for its bold hop character, to the maltier delicacies like 'Crusher Pale Ale,' Kelowna Beer Institute has created a reputation for brewing a wide range of excellent beers.

BNA Brewing Co.

This brewery is a marvel that marries the world of craft brewing with a fully-fledged restaurant offering an unmatched gastronomical experience. Each beer at BNA is finely crafted to tell a unique story, like their 'Earl Pale Ale', a brew infused with the essence of Earl Grey tea, creating a bold yet smooth fusion of flavours. Their 'Photo Booth IPA' pays tribute to the West Coast style and delights with its fruity yet balanced bitterness.

Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

Vice & Virtue, one of the newer entrants to the Kelowna beer scene, has quickly become a local favourite. Their approach to brewing tends to be experimental, resulting in brews that are both innovative and flavourful. With offerings like 'Love Potion Raspberry Berliner Vice', which is a lovingly crafted tart and fruity Berliner Weisse style beer, or their 'Homewrecker Hazy IPA' exuding a citrusy flavour profile, Vice & Virtue is pushing the boundaries of what beer can be.

Touring The Microbreweries

Taking a tour of Kelowna’s microbreweries is an experience like none other. It’s about both tasting the brews and getting to understand the science, the art, and the passion that goes into every batch. Most breweries offer tours and tasting sessions that let you into their world. Remember to book these in advance to secure your spot!


Kelowna's microbrewery scene, from the traditional to the experimental, caters to every palate. As you journey through the different breweries, you would get to appreciate the art of craft beer brewing and learn to discern the subtle and nuanced flavours that each brew presents. The charm of Kelowna's microbreweries truly lies in their distinct personalities and the love and passion for the craft that is so evident in their brews. The beer scene in Kelowna is a lively celebration of the city's innovative spirit and enthusiasm for local artisanal produce, which will leave you with a rich, immersive experience.