Kelowna’s Music Scene: Live Music Venues and Festivals


Kelowna is becoming recognized for its thriving music scene. From home-grown talents to international acts, the city's music scene pulsates with energy all year round in its clubs, concert halls, and outdoor amphitheatres.

A Tour of Kelowna's Music Venues

Kelowna's booming music scene is supported by a range of diverse venues that encourage artists from various genres. From intimate settings to grand stages, there's a fitting locale for every kind of music enthusiast.

For those seeking larger concert experiences, Prospera Place, Kelowna's largest indoor entertainment venue, is the place to be. Not only does it draw in international music acts, but it also showcases home-grown Canadian talent.

Festivals That Celebrate Music

Kelowna's colourful roster of yearly music festivals also play a crucial role in boosting the city's music scene. The array of genres celebrated in these festivals showcase the city's diverse musical talent and taste, offering something for everyone.

The Kelowna Folk Fest truly embodies the spirit of the local music scene. The festival features a variety of folk, roots, and world music artists from around the globe, creating an eclectic ensemble that draws in a diverse crowd of music lovers.

BreakOut West, a music festival and conference, focuses on elevating the local music scene to an international level. Alongside thrilling live performances, it offers networking events, workshops, and panel discussions, making it more than just a festival, but a platform for serious musicians and industry professionals.

Musical Youth: Fostering Musical Talent in Kelowna

Kelowna is an excellent place for established musicians and a nurturing ground for up-and-coming talents. Schools and institutions like the Wentworth Music Education Center offer music programs and workshops for children and young adults of all ability levels. They serve as vital training grounds that help cultivate the next generation of musicians, further supporting and sustaining the lively music scene of Kelowna.


Music is a universal language spoken fluently in Kelowna. The city pulsates with a rich array of live music all year round, presented in wonderfully unique venues and celebrated through diverse, exciting music festivals. Whether you're a fan of folk, rock, pop, or EDM; or you want a small, intimate gig or a full-blown concert experience, the city's music scene has you covered. Here's a toast to the city that not only cherishes live music but articulates a love for it in every beat and strum heard on its streets. Let the music play on, Kelowna!