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Kelowna's Reading Culture: Spotlight on Local Bookstores and Libraries

a room with a lot of books on the shelves and a chair in front of the bookshelf
Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Kelowna has nourished a thriving community of readers, authors, and enthusiasts over the years, creating an impressive network of local bookstores and libraries. These literary spots not only cultivate the reading habit but also house many of both local and international literary gems.

Spotlight on Local Bookstores

Perhaps the first thing you notice when exploring Kelowna's literary scene is an exceptional assemblage of local bookstores, each with its character, charm, and unique offerings.

One such notable establishment is ‘Mosaic Books.’ As the largest independent bookstore in Western Canada, Mosaic Books hosts a comprehensive collection of over 15,000 titles in various genres. It's a reader's paradise offering an immersive atmosphere where individuals can lose themselves amidst shelves lined with worlds of knowledge and adventure.

‘Pulp Fiction Coffee House and Robbie Rare Books' is another unique haunt for book lovers. A hybrid of a coffee house and bookstore, it offers a relaxing environment where you can sip on a latte while diving into a work of fiction or non-fiction. Their special section of rare books is perfect for bibliophiles who love to collect unique editions.

Community Libraries: Beyond Just Books

The Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) in Kelowna is much more than the mere storage of books; it's a hub of community activities aimed at promoting reading culture. With its engaging events, such as book clubs, digital literacy workshops, and a collection of children's programs, ORL fosters a shared sense of enthusiasm for reading across all ages.

Similarly, the Kelowna Branch of the British Columbia Libraries (BCL) organizes numerous cultural and educational events, reaffirming the importance of community libraries. Events like the Summer Reading Club, author meets, and literary workshops highlight BCL's commitment to making reading an enjoyable and integral part of Kelowna's lifestyle.

Online Presence of Kelowna’s Reading Culture

The reading culture in Kelowna also extends into the digital sphere, with numerous virtual initiatives designed to support and extend the love for reading in the region. The digital library services offer online training courses, eBooks and Audiobook lending, and a platform for virtual storytelling for children, making reading accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location.


Kelowna's reading culture is made exciting with its local bookstores, libraries' community services, and digital initiatives. The enthusiasm of residents and their efforts to foster a love for reading is a shining showcase of the city’s thriving literary scene.

Kelowna's rich reading landscape promises many literary delights waiting to be discovered. So, the next time you find yourself yearning for a good story, make sure you explore its bookstores and libraries and immerse yourself in Kelowna's spectacular reading culture.