Kelowna's Thriving Farmer's Market

A group of people walking around a street next to tents and tables with food on them and a blue sky with white clouds at the Kelowna Farmer's and Crafter's Market.
Kelowna Farmer's and Crafter's Market

Unveiling the Close-knit Community: Kelowna's Thriving Farmer's Market

The Kelowna Farmer's and Crafters' Market brings together farmers, foodies, artisans, and community members from every corner of the city in a celebration of all things local.

An Overview: Uniting Local Producers And Consumers

Established around 25 years ago, the Kelowna Farmer's and Crafters' Market is a grassroots, non-profit society dedicated to fostering direct relationships between local producers and consumers. This open-air market takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is a lively gathering of around 200 different vendors.

The mission of this market is not only to boost the local economy but also to endorse ethical, sustainable farming and food cultivation. With fresh, seasonal produce, hand-crafted goods, artisanal bread and cheeses, and a vast selection of prepared foods, the market offers something for everyone.

What to Expect: A World of Flavours And Foods

Visitors to the Kelowna Farmer's and Crafters' Market can expect to find an impressive array of locally grown fruits and vegetables. With the Okanagan Valley's varied climate and fertile soil, the selection of produce ranges from the usual apples, cherries, peaches, and plums to more exotic offerings like kiwi and figs.

But it offers more than just fruits and vegetables. One can discover a selection of fresh baked goods, locally crafted cheeses, top-quality meats, free-range eggs, homemade jams, jellies, honey, and syrups on offer. The rows of vivid stalls might even unearth products you never knew existed, let alone were grown or produced locally, providing a real food education.

A Taste of Authentic Cuisine

The Kelowna Farmer's and Crafters' Market is the ideal opportunity to satisfy one's culinary curiosity. Here, you'll find a multitude of food vendors serving up authentic dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in the explosion of flavours from handcrafted pastries, comforting poutines, smoky barbecue bites, mouth-watering tamales, or sweet crepes. Everything is prepared with a lot of love, serving up a tangible connection to the land and the food it provides.

Beyond Food: An Array of Crafts

The market is not strictly about produce and food, but it extends to encompass the vast reservoir of craftsmanship local artisans provide. From handcrafted jewellery, bespoke clothing, unique home decor, intricately designed pottery, quirky pop-culture art, to natural skincare products – the sheer variety never fails to impress.

The Sense of Community

This market is not only a shopping destination, but a cornerstone of the community – a place for neighbours to meet, chat, and bond over shared love for local products. It's a space where new friendships are formed, stories are shared, and connections are made.


Visiting the Kelowna Farmer's Market is an immersive experience tapping into all senses. It's about celebrating local culture, engaging with vendors, and being part of a community that relishes in sustainably sourced, locally produced fresh eats and crafts. With an exciting atmosphere, neighbourly charm, and an abundance of fresh, mouth-watering foods and handmade crafts, the Kelowna Farmer's and Crafters' Market truly is a local treasure. Experience it and become part of a flourishing, community-driven movement towards sustainability and local empowerment.