Coffee Houses

Kelowna’s Top Cafes for Coffee Aficionados

A latte in a dark-colored cup with heart-shaped latte art on top, on a table in Kelowna.
Sprout Bread

In Kelowna, the art of coffee brewing and enjoyment transcends the usual. These establishments are not just about serving a cup of coffee; they represent the dichotomy of flavours, and local passion.

1. Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters

Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters, in the north end of the city, presents an amalgamation of global coffee culture and local charm. Known for its diverse range of beans from Peru to Ethiopia, every visit offers a new taste experience. It's the pet-friendly patio that truly sets Bright Jenny apart. It's a place where coffee enthusiasts gather to savour meticulously brewed cups under the open sky.

2. Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Step into Pulp Fiction Coffee House and you're transported to a retro world adorned with pulp fiction art, rare books, and antiques. This unique café offers more than just a caffeine fix. It’s an escape into a bygone era, complete with Georgian & Victorian antiques. Their freshly baked croissants and pastries are as heavenly as their coffee, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia with their latte.

3. Karat Chocolate Cafe

In downtown Kelowna, Karat Chocolate Cafe melds European café culture with the Okanagan’s flair. Famous for its in-house handcrafted chocolates and French pastries, Karat promises a culinary delight with every visit. The warm, inviting ambiance complements their menu that caters to all, from coffee aficionados to sweet-toothed patrons.

4. Bike Shop Café & Catering Co.

The Bike Shop Café & Catering Co. in Kelowna’s Cultural District brings a vintage biker theme to the coffee scene. Since 1998, they've been a staple for locals and tourists alike, offering a laid-back atmosphere and a menu that evolves with the seasons. This café's use of local ingredients ensures every item is a fresh culinary adventure.

5. Bean Scene

The Bean Scene has four locations across Kelowna. They take pride in selecting, roasting, and preparing exceptional coffee. Watching beans slowly roast in their Probot Roaster is part of the Bean Scene experience. The coffee shop’s industrial-style decor and airy outdoor seating add to its charm, making it an ideal spot for both a quick espresso and leisurely people-watching.

6. Sprout Bread

Sprout Bread is both a coffee shop and a culinary cafe. Known for both their excellent coffee and scrumptious food, Sprout Bread offers a variety of options for every palate. It's the perfect spot for those seeking a fulfilling coffee and meal experience.

From quaint, retro-themed cafes to modern, mission-driven spaces, each establishment offers a unique coffee experience. Exploring these top cafes is a journey through Kelowna’s dynamic coffee culture.