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Kelowna’s Winter Comfort Foods: Top Must-Try Dishes

Loaded cheese burger with a kitchen knife holding it together. Side basket of french fries.
Central Kitchen + Bar

As the winter chill descends upon Kelowna, the city's culinary landscape transforms into a place for comfort foods, warming the heart and soul of both locals and visitors alike. The array of dishes available displays Kelowna's rich, diverse culinary culture, making it an unmissable gastronomic journey during the colder months.

Sausage Flight at Rustic Reel

For an innovative twist, Rustic Reel introduces its Sausage Flight. This culinary delight comprises locally raised, hormone-free sausages, presenting a triumvirate of flavours: the robust baron of beef Bratwurst, traditional farmer sausage, and a zesty, dry-aged Chorizo. Paired with a warm, house-made Amber IPA German pretzel and tangy grainy mustard, it's a dish that promises a symphony of flavours, complete with vegan and gluten-free options to cater to all palates.

Fish and Chips at The Table Café at Codfathers

An English classic reimagined, The Table Café at Codfathers serves up Fish and Chips that resonate with nostalgia. The dish features sustainably sourced seafood, encased in a crunchy, gluten-free batter, symbolizing a commitment to the ocean's health. It's more than just a meal; it's a comforting memory served on a plate, perfect for family gatherings during the holiday season.

Local Soups

Winter in Kelowna is synonymous with soul-warming soups. The indoor Kelowna Farmers’ Market and local eateries like The Okanagan Table, Okanagan Grocery, and Waterfront Cafe offer a variety of house-made, locally-inspired soups. Each bowl is a warm embrace, epitomized by QB Gelato’s weekly soup feature, perfectly accompanied by a waffle grilled cheese, inviting a dip.

Mexican Hot Chocolate and Churro at Ki-Bok

Ki-Bok brings a slice of Mexico to Kelowna with its Mexican Hot Chocolate. Crafted with 70% cocoa, this rich, velvety drink strikes a balance between bitterness and sweetness, offering a chocolatey bliss. Paired with a churro, it's a warm, comforting indulgence that's hard to resist on a cold winter's day.

Chicken Confit Poutine at RauDZ

RauDZ reinvents the classic poutine with its Chicken Confit Poutine. The dish features chicken cooked in a time-honored confit method, resulting in irresistibly tender meat. Layered with squeaky cheese curds and doused in a perfectly seasoned, house-made gravy, it's a dish that elevates comfort food to an art form.

Shitake Bolognese at Frankie We Salute You!

At Frankie We Salute You!, the Shitake Bolognese is a plant-based wonder. Thick Pappardelle noodles serve as the canvas for a rich tomato ragu, brimming with minced Shitake mushrooms. Topped with almond Parmesan, it's a vegan offering that doesn't compromise on heartiness or flavour.

Burgers at Central Kitchen + Bar

The burger at Central Kitchen + Bar is a masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship. Featuring a blend of Two Rivers heritage Angus beef and Fraser Valley pork, held together by a pretzel bun and slathered in special sauces, it's a burger that promises a cascade of flavours with each bite. Accompanied by golden fries, it's a quintessential winter comfort food.

Traditional Shoyu Ramen at Little Tokyo Ramen

Little Tokyo Ramen's Traditional Shoyu Ramen is a comforting hug in a bowl. The umami-rich chicken and pork base, infused with soy sauce, creates a depth of flavour that's both complex and comforting. Served on their puppy-friendly patio, it's an experience that warms both body and soul.

Swiss Potato Rösti at Waterfront Café

The Swiss Potato Rösti at Waterfront Café is a celebration of potatoes. Crispy and golden on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside thanks to the Gruyere cheese, with surprise bacon chunks, it's a textural delight. Topped with soft poached eggs and luxurious black pepper gravy, it's a dish that's both indulgent and comforting.

Donuts at Waterfront Café

For those who lean towards savoury tastes, Waterfront Café’s Donut Thursdays offer a delightful twist. With ever-changing flavours, these donuts are a culinary adventure, a perfect alternative to the conventional sweet treats of winter.

Chicken Pâté at Vice & Virtue

Vice & Virtue's Chicken Pâté is a nod to culinary finesse. Served in a mason jar, this pâté is creamy, rich, and impeccably seasoned with hints of thyme. Topped with Arlo’s honey for a savoury-sweet contrast, and accompanied by grilled house-made brioche, it’s a dish that speaks of simplicity and sophistication.

Curry at Poppadoms

Poppadoms presents curries that carry the essence of traditional Indian cuisine. These homely, farm-to-table curries are an array of flavours, made with GMO-free ingredients that honour the roots of Indian culinary heritage.

As the winter winds sweep through Kelowna, these dishes stand out for warmth and comfort. Each bite is a journey through the city's diverse and rich culinary landscape, an invitation to indulge in the flavours that define Kelowna's winter. So, bundle up, step out, and let your taste buds lead the way to these must-try winter delights.