Lakesider Brewing: Your Lakeside Locale for Craft Beer

a dining room with tables and chairs and a brick fireplace in the center of the room with large windows at Lakesider Brewing in West Kelowna.
Lakesider Brewing

Discover the Magic of Lakeside Brewing

Tucked away in the stunning Okanagan Valley, surrounded by stunning mountains and pristine lakes, Lakesider Brewing awaits. This brewery is more than just a spot for exceptional craft beer - it's a showcase to the beauty of Kelowna and the thriving Canadian craft beer movement.

A Toast to Taste

Brimming with diverse and inventive brews, Lakesider Brewing offers a taste of Kelowna like no other. Using locally-sourced ingredients and ancient brewing techniques, this brewery creates complex flavours that satisfy both the casual sipper and the discerning connoisseur. From crisp and refreshing lagers, to robust and full-bodied stouts, there's a unique brew waiting for every pallet.

A Sip of Sustainability

Lakesider Brewing isn't just dedicated to crafting fantastic beer - it's also deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Utilizing innovative practices such as wastewater management and renewable energy sourcing, Lakesider Brewing is leading the way for environmentally-friendly brewing in Canada. It's more than just a nice amenity; it's a promise for a better tomorrow, one sip at a time.

Experience the Lakeside Charm

Each visit to Lakesider Brewing feels like a special occasion, thanks to its awe-inspiring location. On the coast of Okanagan Lake, visitors are treated to panoramic vistas and stunning sunsets, providing the perfect backdrop for a relaxed afternoon or a cozy evening. Its dog-friendly patio and family-oriented ambiance make it an ideal spot for everyone.

Rooted in Community

At Lakesider Brewing, community is key. Since its inaugural pour, Lakesider has focussed not only on providing exceptional beer, but also on creating strong connections within Kelowna. Hosting live music events, seasonal festivities, and various community gatherings, Lakesider Brewing has quickly become a local hub of friendship and connection.

Discover the magic of Lakesider Brewing. Come for the locally brewed craft beer, stay for the stunning views, environmental dedication, and unquestionable community spirit. Your lakeside locale for craft beer awaits at Lakesider Brewing. Be part of this exciting chapter in Canadian craft brewing. Visit Lakesider Brewing!