Living in Kelowna: What to Expect from the Local Weather

A lush vineyard with rows of green grapevines, overlooks a body of water and distant forested hills under a clear sky.

On the shores of Okanagan Lake and surrounded by mountainous terrains and lush vineyards, Kelowna gifts its residents four distinct seasons: a snowy winter, a wet and vibrant spring, a sunny and warm summer, and a crisp, colourful autumn. Each season brings a unique element to the city's lifestyle.

Winter in Kelowna: A Snowy Canvas

Winter in Kelowna typically begins in late November and extends to early March. The city becomes a winter wonderland with temperatures hovering between 4°C and -6°C. Snowfall is usually moderate and intermittent, painting the cityscape white and providing magnificent views of the valley and the lake.

Ski enthusiasts should note that skiing facilities in Big White Ski Resort and Silver Star Mountain Resort are just an hour's drive away from the city. Here, you can engage in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice climbing. For the homebodies, a hot cup of cocoa by a cozy fireplace offers peace on snowy evenings.

Spring in Kelowna: Rebirth of Nature

Spring shines on Kelowna from late March to mid-June. This season provides perfect viewing for nature enthusiasts as diverse flora starts to bloom, painting the city in vivid hues. Temperatures typically range from 10°C to 20°C, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. It does still get quite cold in the evenings, often below freezing in early spring, so, if you're spending evenings outdoors, you should prepare accordingly.

Spring is also a busy season for Kelowna's renowned vineyards as the grapes begin to grow and the wineries start their production cycle. Take a wine tour to taste some of the best wines the valley has to offer and enjoy the scenic vineyards in northern spring.

Summer in Kelowna: Sun-kissed Days

From late June until early September, Kelowna basks in the glory of beautiful summers with temperatures around 25-32°C. This is the best time for water enthusiasts to enjoy the warm waters of Okanagan Lake. From lazy days by the beach to adrenaline-pumping activities like jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing, summers in Kelowna are heavenly for water lovers.

Evenings in summer play host to numerous food festivals, music events, and open-air markets. Fans of fresh fruits and vegetables will also love Kelowna's summer harvest, boasting cherries, peaches, and apples, which can be sourced from numerous pick-your-own farms scattered around the city.

Fall in Kelowna: An Artist's Palette

Kelowna ushers in autumn from September to mid-November. The city becomes an artist's delight as the leaves change their colour from green to brilliant shades of red, orange, and gold. This season is also cooler, with temperatures ranging between 4°C and 12°C.

Fall is also the time for grape harvest and wine-making. The vineyards are bustling with activities, and the wineries offer a different experience compared to spring. Embark on a wine tour to see the process of how grapes transform into the fine wine Kelowna is famous for.

Living in Kelowna: A Year-Round Delight

Living in Kelowna entails celebrating the diverse beauty of all seasons. Each season offers something special, making Kelowna a fantastic city to live in. From the peacefulness of falling snow, to the vibrancy of blooming flowers basking under the sun, Kelowna’s weather makes it an idyllic location with something for every weather preference.