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Local's Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Kelowna

a person holding a cup of coffee in their hand with a latte on the side of the cup
Megan Reading

Discovering the Coffee Culture of Kelowna: A Local's Perspective

Within Kelowna's bustling corners, a thriving coffee culture is waiting to be discovered. This piece serves as a tool to find the best coffee shops in Kelowna, according to the locals.

The Bean Scene Coffee Works

Founded over two decades ago, Bean Scene Coffee Works has grown to become a beloved coffee destination, with several locations dotting the Kelowna map. It's an institution that prides itself on presenting artisanal coffee alongside local art and culture.

Bean Scene sources special coffee beans from around the world and roasts them in-house, making each cup a truly authentic experience. Their veteran Probat roaster is used to meticulously roast each one of the bean profiles “on demand” which means they predict and roast your coffee on the day it is ordered provide the freshest, most perfect coffee. Their signature flat whites, prepared with a double shot of espresso and silky microfoam milk, are sure to please even the most discerning coffee lovers.

They also serve bakery items made with real and pronounceable ingredients from scratch everyday with vegetarian options. As environmental stewards, they serve coffee in biodegradable cups and encourage customers to bring their own mugs.

Third Space Coffee

Third Space Coffee is more than an ordinary coffee shop. It is, as the name suggests, an inclusive "third space" away from home and work. Here, visitors are invited to enjoy excellent coffee in an environment filled with warmth and community spirit. It is a non-profit business that provides supportive counselling, education and events related to mental health to the community.

Each cup of coffee at Third Space shows its commitment to quality. It collaborates with local roasters and suppliers to bring rich, ethically sourced coffee to the table. Its handcrafted lattes, matched with its perfectly flaky almond croissants, are a must-try for anyone visiting Kelowna.

Bright Jenny

Offering coffee with a cause, Bright Jenny is a must-visit spot in Kelowna. Their mission is to provide hand-picked, small-batch specialty coffee while championing social equity and environmental responsibility. Hence, you won’t only enjoy a delicious cup of coffee here but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Bright Jenny's passion for all things coffee is evident in their unique offerings. Their coffee is all roasted in-house and starts at rich chocolatey flavours, all the way to bright and fruity light roasts. Their classic cortado, coupled with the "Kelownut"- a croissant donut with custard, is a revelation. In addition, the vivid yet relaxed space is perfect for an afternoon of leisure.

Blenz Coffee

Blenz Coffee is a homegrown BC brand that has won over Kelowna's locals and visitors alike. They strive for consistency in delivering delicious coffee using ethically sourced beans, partnered with an array of pastries and light meals.

What sets Blenz apart is its impressive selection of drinks. From classic drip coffee to adventurous matcha latte, there's something for everyone at this welcoming coffee spot.

Kelowna has an impressive coffee scene where quality, authenticity, and community thrive. Exploring its coffee shops opens up a world of delights for your taste buds and a cozy retreat for your senses. These superb Kelowna coffee shops are emblematic of what the city has to offer, making the locals proud and inspiring tourists to return time after time.