Mission Hill Family Estate: The Epitome of Okanagan Winemaking

A scenic view of the Mission Hill Family Estate winery framed by an archway, with a tall bell tower in the center and buildings in the background.
Destination BC/Tanya Goehring

The Mission Hill Family Estate Winery is perched on volcanic hills which provides its secret ingredient to producing internationally acclaimed wines. Embodying a rich tradition and a long-standing commitment to excellence in the art of winemaking, Mission Hill has secured its spot as the crown jewel in Okanagan winemaking.

The Magic Begins with The Grapes ... and The Terroir

Mission Hill's dedication to quality begins in the vineyard itself. Spanning over many acres of carefully cultivated vineyards, the Estate is blessed with distinctive microclimates. This geographical blessing is crucial in producing varieties that have etched the name of Okanagan Valley on the world vino map. From mineral-rich soils, long sun-drenched days, to optimal temperatures, these vineyards are a vintner's paradise, lending unique complexities to the winery's diversified portfolio.

Architectural Masterpiece

Designed by renowned architect Tom Kundig, the estate itself is an architectural wonder, seamlessly fusing contemporary design with the surrounding natural beauty. The towering arch leading up to the winery, the bell tower ringing out the "silent music of wine," and the stunning outdoor amphitheatre are more than enough to elevate your visit. It is, in essence, an aesthetic symphony that teases the senses before you even taste the wine.

The Cellar

Deep beneath the winery lies the crown jewel – one of Canada's most expansive temperature-controlled cellars. Situated in volcanic rock, this remarkable cellar houses countless barrels of ageing wines. Its distinct ambiance imbues each vintage with unique characteristics. The aging process in these celestial caves is a spectacle to witness, contributing significantly to the winery's much-vaunted reputation for quality and consistent excellence.

Terrace Restaurant

After a day filled with wine tastings, discover the culinary universe of the acclaimed Terrace Restaurant, where meals are elevated to sensory experiences. The menu is designed to complement Mission Hill's fine wines, each dish showcasing local and seasonal ingredients, proving why this location is considered one of the "Top Five Winery Restaurants in the World" by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Exclusive Memberships & Experiential Tastings

Mission Hill Family Estate takes the wine tasting journey a notch higher by offering exclusive Wine Club Membership. This privilege grants members first access to limited releases, private events, and even the customization of their wine shipments.

The wine tasting experience at the Estate is far from ordinary and includes unique experiences like food and wine pairing class to their iconic concert series.

In conclusion, a visit to Mission Hill Family Estate is an immersion into a world of deep-rooted tradition, architectural grandeur, exquisite wines, and culinary prowess. It's a journey through a sensory wonderland that leaves visitors with timeless memories and an undeniable longing for their next sip of Okanagan elegance.