Moonshine Magic: Kelowna's Modern Moonshine Makers

a sign on the side of a building that says Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. on the side of the building in Kelowna.
Forbidden Spirits Distilling Corp.


The ancient craft of moonshine making, once a whispered secret of the backwoods, is being reborn in Kelowna. Today, city's distilleries are turning this once-clandestine activity into a celebrated art form, showcasing the rich traditions of the past with a modern twist.

Historical Context of Moonshine in Kelowna and Canada

The story of moonshine in Canada is steeped in mystery and rebellion. During Prohibition, moonshine became the lifeblood of secret social gatherings, often linked to infamous characters like Samuel Bronfman and Al Capone. This era set the stage for a nation's fascination with the spirited drink. In Kelowna, the history of distilling is both rich and varied. Notably, the Hiram Walker distillery, which operated in the late 20th century, left a lasting imprint on the local economy and culture, embodying the city's early ventures into the world of spirits.

Revival of Moonshine in Kelowna

The turn of the millennium witnessed a renaissance in craft distilling across Canada. In Kelowna, this revival has been marked by a surge in the popularity of moonshine, shedding its rebellious roots for a more artisanal and refined identity. Today, Kelowna's distilleries are not just places of production but centres of innovation and creativity, drawing on local flavours and traditions to reinvent a drink once relegated to the shadows.

Kelowna’s Modern Moonshine Distilleries

Okanagan Spirits

Okanagan Spirits, a pioneer in the region, exemplifies the transformation of moonshine from its rugged past to its artisanal present. Their dedication to local ingredients has crafted a range of spirits that are as unique as the region itself.

After Dark Distillery

Embracing the moonshine tradition, After Dark Distillery melds time-honoured methods with the Okanagan's local bounty. Their Monashee Mountain Moonshine is a testament to the purity and simplicity of traditional moonshine, infused with the modern palate's desires.

Distinct Styles and Innovations

Each of Kelowna's distilleries brings its unique flair to the world of moonshine. From the traditional to the avant-garde, these distilleries are redefining what it means to create moonshine, ensuring that every sip tells a story of innovation, tradition, and local pride.


Kelowna's modern moonshine makers are crafting more than just spirits; they are weaving history, culture, and innovation. As they continue to push the boundaries of this traditional craft, they invite us to explore and appreciate a once-hidden world, now bursting with flavour and stories waiting to be told.