Okanagan Spirits: Craftsmanship, Innovation, and Tradition

A bottle of Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky from Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery on a black surface with its reflection visible.
Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Embarking on the Journey of Craftsmanship

Featuring a harmonious marriage of innovative ideas and age-old traditions, Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery stands as an avant-garde figure in Kelowna's vivacious winery landscape. This family-operated distillery is much more than a producer of an extensive variety of world-class spirits. It is a place where artisanal craftsmanship meets breakthrough techniques, creating spirits that are an embodiment of penchant for excellence and perfection.

A Stalwart Amid Spectacular Surroundings

The setting of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is as impressive as the spirits it produces. Amid the idyllic valleys, the distillery is enveloped by expanses of vineyards and fruit orchards. The region's bountiful harvest of fruits and grains forms the secret ingredient of the distillery's irreplaceable profile of spirits.

The Beverage Buffet Awaits

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is the possessor of one of British Columbia's most formidable line-up of distilled spirits. From hearty whisky to clear and crisp gin to the warm tones of brandy, the spectrum of spirits available is truly staggering. Among the favorites, their apple-based Laird of Fintry lottery whiskey holds a high position, fetching intense love from the local community and tourists alike.

The Seal of Legacy

The Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery carries forward its legacy of traditional distilling processes intermingling it with innovative ideas aspiring to deliver nothing but the best. Each detail, from the grain selection to the final distillation, every step resonates with the commitment to maintain high-quality. This legacy has won Okanagan the honour of being North America's first designated World Class distillery, awarded by the 'World Spirits Award' in Austria.

Contribution to Sustainable Practices

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery takes pride in its effort to eliminate waste. They are contributing to a green future by making use of leftover fruit pulp from distilleries as compost for agricultural lands. Remaining steadfast in their commitment to sustainability, Okanagan extends the invitation to be part of this praiseworthy initiative.

The Door to Distinctive Experiences

Like the spirits it offers, the experience at Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is distinctive. Visitors get an opportunity to explore the distillery, witnessing the magical transformation of fruits and grains to intricate spirits. Guided tours led by knowledgeable staff allow guests to indulge in the magic of distillation and, of course, tastings!

When you raise a glass of Okanagan spirit, you are not merely savouring a carefully curated beverage; you are partaking in a legacy of unrivalled craftsmanship combined with the promise of continued innovation. And each sip reaffirms the tradition of excellence that has been the cornerstone of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery. Drinks aside, the distillery offers an irresistibly authentic Canadian experience, beckoning one and all to join in this remarkable journey of craft distillation at its finest.