Orchard to Table: Soma Craft Cidery's Artisanal Creations

a brown llama standing in front of a picnic table with a black umbrella over its head at Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna.
Soma Craft Cidery

Orchard to Table: Soma Craft Cidery's Artisanal Creations

A Taste of Orchard Freshness

Packed in every sip of Soma Craft Cidery's handcrafted beverages is the spirit of the Okanagan Valley. This gorgeous expanse of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for its fertile soil and the rich quality of its orchards. Soma, nested amidst the natural splendour of Kelowna, handpicks their orchard's finest gifts, the apples, and transforms them into exquisite cider through their detailed process. The result? A unique symphony of flavors that dances on your palate, letting you savor the freshness of the orchard with every sip.

Handcrafted Perfection

Great cider is not born overnight. Soma Craft Cidery has perfected the process through time, patience, craftsmanship and a deep respect for the orchard's bounty. Every bottle of Soma cider encapsulates the dedication, hard work, and meticulous attention to detail involved in crafting each small batch. Soma's cider crafting process is 100% artisanal, ensuring that each bottle that leaves their cellar is nothing short of perfection.

A Symphony of Flavours

From mildly sweet to tantalizingly tart, Soma cider caters to all taste buds. Their collection offers a harmony of traditional and non-traditional ciders that pack a myriad of flavour. From a bottle of Wild Ferment to embrace the wild side of life, to the sweet complexities of Hopped Apricot, there’s a drink for every mood, occasion, and taste preference at Soma Craft Cidery.

Sustainably Grown, Ethically Created

Soma Craft Cidery is not just about creating delicious drinks; it's about nurturing a harmonious relationship with the environment. Their handpicked apples are grown using sustainable farming practices, reflecting their commitment to protect and ensure the longevity of the inviting Okanagan Valley. These practices also guarantee a robust, healthier deciduous drink.

Experience the Magic of the Cider House

Visiting the Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna is a journey worth embarking upon. Their Cider House, open for tours and tastings, allows a peek behind the scenes of the intricate cider-making process. Take in the breathtaking views of the Okanagan Valley, sample the various splendid brews, and immerse yourself in the magical process from Orchard to Table.

Each sip of Soma Craft Cidery's artisanal creations is more than just a drink; it's an indulgence of finest craftsmanship and the spirit of Okanagan Valley. So, the next time you seek something special, let Soma Craft Cidery captivate you with their authentic, Orchard to table handcrafted ciders.