Rustic Reel Brewing Co.: Reeling You in with Unforgettable Brews

A plated meal with mashed potatoes topped with sour cream, a green vegetable spread, garnished with greens and a slice of orange from Rustic Reel Brewing Co. in Kelowna.
Rustic Reel Brewing Co.

Rustic Reel Brewing Co.: A Reel Good Time in Kelowna

Just a short walk from the shores of Lake Okanagan, Rustic Reel Brewing Co. is a cherished spot that offers more than just another craft brewery experience. With its cozy, rustic atmosphere and bold, flavourful beers, Rustic Reel loves bold flavours, heartwarming nostalgia, and the pure, unadulterated love for brewing.

Founded and championed by Susi Foerg and an energetic team, Rustic Reel crafts a wide variety of beers, each delicately crafted with unique layers of complex aromas and flavours. From the warming hues of the Amber Ale to the crisp freshness of The Blonde, there's something at Rustic Reel to tease the taste buds of every craft beer connoisseur.

Rustic Reel's attention to detail extends beyond its operations to the actual brew tasting. Their carefully selected, locally-sourced ingredients provide a robust canvas of flavors for every beer. In addition to its signature beers, Rustic Reel also offers a rotating selection of seasonal and experimental brews, keeping things fresh and exciting for its patrons.

More than just a brewery, Rustic Reel also extends its heart into the community of Kelowna. Their coffee bar, the Tacklebox, offers specialty coffees, delicious baking, breakfast wraps, and sandwiches! It also serves brunch and is a full restaurant.

Rustic Reel's commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy. Their 'spent grain' approach includes re-purposing their spent grains and giving them to local farms for feed, adhering to a no-waste philosophy. It shows their love for the environment and a reminder of their commitment to responsible business practices.

The Rustic Reel Brewing Co. experience is unique, laden with nostalgic touches like vintage fishing gear and old photos of Kelowna. It's a visit you never can have enough of, and an experience that reels you back for more every time. So make room for this local brewery on your list of places and experiences to explore in Kelowna. It might just become your new favorite spot for that refreshing beer you've been craving. After all, it's not just beer - it's Rustic Reel, where every sip tells a story.

Additional Facts:

Rustic Reel Brewing Co. is a certified B Corporation, meaning that it meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability,and transparency.

Rustic Reel Brewing Co. has won numerous awards for its beers, including the following:

  • Gold medal for its Amber Ale at the Canadian Brewing Awards
  • Silver medal for its Blonde Ale at the Canadian Brewing Awards