Sip and Socialize at Kitsch Wines: The Modern Face of Winemaking

A smiling man and woman enjoying glasses of white wine outdoors at Kitsch Wines in Kelowna.
Kitsch Wines

Meet Kitsch Wines: A Reinvented Tradition

Harvested from the Okanagan Valley, ingenuity sprouts at Kitsch Wines. Situated in East Kelowna, this modern winery revolutionizes the art of winemaking, infusing it with an unabashedly contemporary, vivid spirit.

Launching a New Era of Taste

Kitsch Wines tell a tale of tradition entwining with modern flare. Steered by founders Trent and Ria Kitsch, the winery augments the well-preserved winemaking heritage of the Okanagan Valley with a sprinkle of innovation. The result? A selection of finely crafted wines ready to serve the palate of new-era wine enthusiasts.

The Kitsch family roots roots stretch back to 1910, when Kelowna was still a small, pioneer settlement. Four generations later, this entrepreneurial family brought to life a winery with a distinct, refreshing, and vibrant approach.

Farm-to-Glass: A Sustainable Promise

The sun-soaked hills of the valley offer prime conditions for growing grapes. The unique fusion of persistent sunshine, cool evenings, and fertile glacial soil ensures an optimal environment for cultivating supreme quality grapes. Kitsch Wines takes advantage of the valley's naturally occurring wonders, using sustainable and responsible farming techniques to create their outstanding and environmentally conscious wines.

Experience the Kitsch Vibe

Beyond wine, Kitsch offers a charismatic space to unwind. A visit gives guests a chance to soak in stunning panoramic views of the vineyard, lake and city below. There's an irresistible, carefree vibe that invites you to kick back and sip splendid wine while immersing yourself in the Okanagan landscape.

An Array of Flavour for Every Palate

The winery produces small-lot, hand-harvested wines. Releasing Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris vintages, the Kitsch winemaking team hand crafts each wine in small batches, allowing for maximum quality control and an authentic taste. Every swirl, sniff, and sip is a sensory journey into the Okanagan Valley.

Conclusion: Embrace the New with Kitsch Wines

With its distinctive blend of traditional and modern, Kitsch Wines invites the world to experience a new chapter in winemaking. Their deliciously distinct wines, stunning locale, and welcoming attitude towards innovation make it a must-visit hotspot in the Okanagan Valley. Sprinkle life with a dash of Kitsch... sip and socialize at this contemporary winery where tradition and innovation dance in every bottle.