Sip Back and Enjoy the Scenery: A Day at Scenic Road Cider Co.

a close up of a street sign on a glass door with a wooden wall behind it and trees in the background
Scenic Road Cider

A Taste of Sunshine and Scenery: Introducing Scenic Road Cider Co.

Imagine this: A gentle breeze rustling through the orchard trees, bright blue skies framing the rolling hills of Kelowna's spectacular landscape, and in your hand, a glass of premium craft cider, perfectly chilled, the flavour fresh, complex, and oh-so-refreshing. Welcome to Scenic Road Cider Co.

Established Roots and Blossoming Ambitions

Steeped in years of family tradition, Scenic Road Cider Co. is a reflection of its rural roots and steadfast ambition. Drawing on the family's long history of farming in the stunning Okanagan region, this boutique cidery creates an intimate symbiosis between the land it nurtures and the top-tier libations it lovingly crafts.

Craft Cider with a Touch of the Extraordinary

At Scenic Road Cider Co., the heart of the process is always the locally grown apples. Never ones to compromise on quality, they painstakingly select the best quality fruits from their own orchards, ensuring that every bottle carries its signature taste - the harmony of sun-ripened sweetness and the crispness unique to this pristine Canadian region.

The core lineup of this artisanal cidery includes several fan-favourites, such as 'Brad,' 'Grumpy,' and 'Razz,' each with its distinct flavour profile. But what truly sets Scenic Road apart is the way these craft ciders capture the taste of each season, embodying the spirit of the harvest in every sip.

Picture-Perfect Setting and Heartwarming Hospitality

Beyond its exceptional ciders, Scenic Road Cider Co. allows you the pleasure of immersing yourself in its natural, picture-perfect setting. Overlooking the awe-inspiring views of Okanagan Lake and surrounded by lush apple trees, a day at this cidery takes on a postcard-worthy charm that's hard to come by.

What enhances this enchanting atmosphere is the unwavering commitment to a welcoming guest experience. Personalized tours and cider tasting events provide a chance to connect, ask questions, and explore the craft from apple to bottle -and to do so in the company of friends, family, or even your four-legged companion. Yes, Scenic Road Cider Co. is happily dog-friendly, a small but significant part of their earnest desire to make everyone feel at home.

Join the Scenic Journey

Scenic Road Cider Co isn't just a visit - it's a journey. A journey into a world where love for the land transforms into high-quality craft ciders; where old traditions meet innovative flavours; where stunning views and warm smiles become the backdrop of unforgettable moments.

Consider this your invitation to experience it all. Here at Scenic Road, they've saved you a seat under the sunny sky beside the apple trees. All you need to do is stop by, sip back... and enjoy the scenery.