Soma Craft Cidery: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

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Soma Craft Cidery

A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Heritage

Tucked away in Canada's wine country, Soma Craft Cidery masterfully combines centuries-old cider-making tradition with cutting-edge innovation. As one ventures into Kelowna's countryside, the allure of this winery transcends the typical - it's a mystery basking in the rich Okanagan Valley, filled with aromatic orchards, waiting to be explored and savoured.

Crafted with Care and Passion

This unique cider house is committed to creating small-batch, craft cider that elegantly captures the apple varieties grown in its lush orchards. The homage they pay to the apple does not end with the obvious variety in flavour profiles, but extends to acknowledging the apple’s farming ancestry on which the cidery is currently located.

Flavours That Speak Volumes

At Soma, every sip escorts you on a journey of discovery, unveiling not just taste but a history steeped in enduring legacies. With a diverse range of acclaimed products including their flagship Scrumpy cider, East Coast Inspired Cider, and a crowd-pleasing Ginger Perry, Soma provides a symphony of flavours that caters to every palate.

The Science and Art of Cider

What sets Soma apart from the rest is their attention to the smallest of details – from picking apples at the perfect moment to leveraging modern techniques to press and ferment the fruits. It's the harmonious marriage of science and artistry, a blend of tradition and innovation, and a tribute to nature and technology. Also, not to miss their wizardry with wild yeast fermentation, interweaving it with contemporary brewing styles to create innovative and complex ciders.

Alluring Ambience of Kelowna

Delight in the ambience that the Soma Craft Cidery provides with a laid-back tasting room, a sweeping view of the valley and an uptick picnic themed restaurant which offers unparalleled cider-paired culinary delights. It's not just a place to drink but an environment that encapsulates the beauty of Kelowna.

Sustainability that Nurtures

Soma takes sustainability to heart by recycling apple pomace back into its orchards as compost and utilizing solar panels to make their business as carbon-neutral as possible. Furthermore, you'll find no unnecessary additives or sulphites in Soma's ciders, making them 100% fruit-based and gluten-free.

End Note: More than just a Cidery

Soma Craft Cidery is not just about the cider - it's about the experience, heritage, and commitment to excellence that the team have built around it. It's a tribute to the idyllic Okanagan Valley and its history of apple farming. A visit to Soma is a journey through time, flavour, and fine craftsmanship that leaves a lasting impression, and it's a journey that's undoubtedly worth taking.