Soma Craft Cidery: A Journey through Cider-Making

three awards sitting on top of a metal table in front of a sign that says soma on it.
Soma Craft Cidery

Discovering Soma Craft Cidery

Within the stunning landscape of Kelowna, you'll discover Soma Craft Cidery, a unique place where traditional cider-making meets modern innovation. This family-run operation is not just a winery, but rather a cider lover's paradise offering an unforgettable journey through the exciting world of cider-making.

Crafting Excellence in Every Glass

What sets this cidery apart is their absolute dedication to the production of premium quality ciders, with attention to detail evident in every step of the process. From carefully selecting the finest apples to exploring unique fermentation techniques, Soma Craft Cidery's commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Their operation is organic, earth-conscious, and dedicated to the ethos of 'single-variety ciders.' This means that each cider they produce showcases the flavour and character of one specific type of apple, delivering a true taste of the orchard in every bottle.

Experience the Cidery

Possibly the best way to explore Soma Craft Cidery is by visiting their stunning Kelowna-based location. Visitors can soak up the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges, all while sampling a variety of delicious, artisanal craft ciders.

The team at Soma offers guided tours that provide a unique insight into their cider-making process. Drama unfolds as apples are pressed and fermented, before being transferred to oak barrels for maturation. The cidery's expert staff also serve as guides through the intricate landscapes of cider tasting, revealing the nuances and complexities of their range.

Unforgettable Tastes and Unique Blends

Equally as impressive as their commitment to craft is Soma's flavour profile. Their diverse line-up includes everything from crisp, dry ciders perfect for a summer's day, to unique blends that play with unconventional flavours and experimental fermentation techniques.

These artisanal ciders, born from a perfect blend of tradition and cutting-edge experimentation, have earned the cidery numerous awards. One taste, and it's easy to see why; you can taste the love, care, and respect for the craft in every sip.

Soma Craft Cidery: The Epitome of Artisanal Cider Production

Soma Craft Cidery embodies the ultimate cider-making experience. Not only does this Kelowna-based winery produce some of the finest ciders, but it also champions the craft through educating and enlightening visitors, bringing sophistication and elegance to this once humble beverage. Visiting Soma Craft Cidery is a journey through delicious cider-making you won't want to miss.